Yacht Charter Recommendations for 2021

Yacht Charter Recommendations for 2021 Yacht Charter Recommendations for 2021

Those who want to relieve the stress and tiredness of 2021 have already started to make their holiday plans. Blue cruises are the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones. Leaving yourself in the refreshing atmosphere of nature;

You can spend your holiday feeling peaceful and refreshed with the VIP yacht rental private for you, where you can feel only the sound of the waves in your ears and the warmth of the sun on your skin. The first step is to decide to get the charter. After that, you can mark your desired periods for this trip. How many days you want to do charter and which route will more interesting for you? It is useful to remind; Luxury and VIP boat tour prices may vary according to the cabin numbers and features that they provide.

Yacht Charter Recommendations for 2021

It is not difficult at all to have a holiday in different bays with wonderful views, with luxury and VIP yacht charter and private yacht charter opportunities. If you want to choose the Fethiye region for your holiday, you will have the opportunity to spend a holiday with magnificent views full of natural beauties with Fethiye and Göcek private boat tours. Göcek and Fethiye private yacht charter prices will vary according to the high and low months of the 2021 season, and most importantly, according to the characteristics of the gulet yacht, you will choose. In order to guide you, we list the 5 boats in the VIP classes recommended in 2021 for you.

Bedia Sultan

Bedia Sultan is a gulet yacht that has 35 meters in length and 8 meters beam, She was built in 2008. Exploring the Turkish coves, Bedia Sultan is very suitable for crowded families and groups of friends with its 10 passenger capacity and 5 cabins in total. It has 2 master cabins and 3 double cabins. It offers many opportunities to her guests so that you can spend your holiday in the comfort of home. Bedia Sultan which incorporates technological things such as air conditioning, LCD TV, Playstation, internet, and music system, provides pleasant times to its guests. For those who want to do water sports during blue cruise trips, at Bedia Sultan; such as water ski, ringo, wake board, canoe, and snorkel equipment for discovering the underwater world are available. You can relax try to catch fishes with basic fishing gear.

Bedia Sultan Gulet

Double Eagle

She provides private charters on the Turkish coast and a passenger capacity of 10 people. Double Eagle is a really luxury gulet yacht with a length of 39 meters and a beam of 8 meters, she was built in 2010 and renovated in 2015 to provide better services. It has a total of 5 cabins, 2 master, 2 twin, and 1 double cabin. Its facilities are especially convenient for families with children. It offers its guests a comfortable and enjoyable journey with its cabin and technological equipment. Double Eagle, which also provides equipment for water sports such as wakeboard, water ski, ringo and canoe; With LCD TV, DVD, internet and music system, it provides you with enjoyable moments during your holiday.

Double Eagle Gulet

Cobra King

It is 38 meters in length and 8 meters beam. It was built in 2005 and renovated in 2018. Cobra King gulet yacht can provide comfortable service in its 5 cabins. While it feels like a 5-star one with its meticulously furnished interior designs. It offers the guests a full top-level accommodation with its living spaces. Cobra King provides equipment for water sport activities such as water skii and ringo.  It also offers portable speakers and wifi access connection onboard.

Cobra King Gulet


The Marenostrum is an exceptional ultra-luxurious crewed yacht. The elite class of VIP gulets cruising the Turkish Mediterranean. Exclusive Gulet Marenostrum has been designed as modern and decorated with elegant style. She has 5 master and 1 twin cabin and provides accommodation for up to 12 guests. All are equipped with plasma TV, air conditioning, en suite bathrooms. There is a large dining area in and outside of the yacht for enjoyable dinners.

Kaptan Kadir

The Kaptan Kadir is a superb high deluxe gulet of the Aegean Riviera and carries up to twelve guests in luxury and style of an all-inclusive gulet charter holiday. She has 39 meters in length and 8 meters beam. The distinctive deck design of two superstructure coach houses on the deck, one forward for the galley and navigation, and one for the elegant and spacious indoor seating and dining saloon, the two masts and sailing rig, marks Kaptan Kadir as the elite gulet in any bay.

The long outdoor dining table on exclusive gulet Kaptan Kadir located on deck between the two masts invites guests to enjoy long and magnificent meals dining under the awnings or beneath the stars. A crewed charter cruise on Kaptan Kadir gulet around the enchanting coast and bays of southwest Turkey and into the Greek Islands of the Dodecanese is a cruise made to delight and refresh everyone on their holidays.

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