Yacht Charter Plans For Summer

Yacht Charter Plans For Summer Yacht Charter Plans For Summer

Now time to holiday after a long year. Touristic destinations are offering different type of holiday opportunities. Stay in all-inclusive resorts and luxury concept yacht rentals are the most popular summer activities.

Why should I prefer yacht rentals?

Yach rental is becoming more popular in summer trends year by year. People who interested in rent a yacht can find various yachts that matched their needs. You can find a gulet yacht for rent in your budget easily. Also, you can catch good offers with early booking advantages.

Most people dream about the perfect holiday with their families or friends. In gulet yachts all services private as VIP concept. If you prefer yachts on your holiday it means all services will be personal. Food and beverages arranging with your choices. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus cooked by professional chefs totaly according to your request. You can make a menu that has only your favorite foods for each day.

Find a Perfect Yacht For Charter

Yacht rentals also offer sail to different bays whenever you want. You do not have any obligation to stay in one place more than you want. The duration of breaks depends on you in private yacht charters. You can discover remote places on your cruise and make an isolated holiday only with your family.

How much does it cost to charter a gulet cruise?

The cost of yacht rentals can be changeable. Some of the factors that directly affect prices are seasons, size of yacht, and built or refit year of the boat. There are two seasons of yacht rentals. The low season is April, May, September, and October. In these months prices quite low and economic. One family can charter a yacht for 7 days approximately 5000 Euro. One of the advantages of these months are the weather good enough for cruising and places do not crow.

On the other hand, June, July, and August months are high season. In these months prices higher than low season prices and it would be double. These prices not special for gulet yacht rentals. Prices of all touristic products going to change depends on seasons. Another factor is the effective cost of a gulet cruise size and age of the yacht. Gulets size is starting from 24 meters up to 50 meters and built or refit year of the yacht directly effect to daily prices of rentals.

How long does yachting season last?

The season of gulet yacht cruises depends on weather conditions. This period quite long for Turkish coastal. Aegean and Mediterranean regions have a warm climate and early spring month is March. Middle of March and till the first weeks of November Turkey has perfect weather conditions for yacht charters.

Yacht Charter Turkey

Where can I charter a gulet?

Turkey West and East coasts are very suitable for yacht rentals. Gulet yachts are very popular in this part of Turkey. Especially in Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, and Antalya most popular seaside ports for gulet charters. Our yacht rental agency can assist your holiday plans on a wonderful gulet yachts.

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