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Set amid the wild beauty of white karstic rock and the azure sea, the Šibenik aquatorium is a yachting paradise, boasting as many as 240 isles and reefs, each of which holds an interesting feature or two. If you want to meet the best known coral hunters in the Adriatic, set sail for Zlarin. If you wish to see the centre of sea sponge harvesting, then Krapanj is your destination. On the other hand, if you seek an experience like no other, then venture into the open sea and discover the Kornati Archipelago.

“The gods wanted to set a crown upon their work, so on the last day, out of tears, stars and the breath of the sea, they created the Kornati.” So wrote George Bernard Shaw when reminiscing about this breathtakingly beautiful archipelago. Talking about this incomparable creation of nature, the largest group of islands in the Mediterranean, it suffices to say that the number of these stellar tears petrified in the sea equals the number of days in a year. Here, the saying “an island for each day of the year” really does apply, and of the 365 strikingly beautiful isles, 150 form a quite special entity: the Kornati National Park. The sight of the lace-like pattern of island cliffs, bleached by the noble salt of the Adriatic and lashed by the fragrance saturated bora, plummeting into the sea, is one that has no equal anywhere else in the world. At the same time, the mellow, tiny ports and hidden beaches are a true paradise for modern day Robinsons seeking unspoiled nature.

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