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Gulet Rental is being operated by traditional Turkish wooden boats, from all the marinas which are known around the Mediterranean and Aegean Coast, including Antalya, Kas, Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris and Bodrum. Each gulet rental offers well-equipped yachts, local harbour fees, fuel expenses fort he engine and air-conditioning, transitlog, using water, crew, bedding.

This traditional boat type is a favourite for the Blue Voyage. With its broad, rounded stern it is ideally for relaxation, conversation and sociable dining.

Gulets are motor-sailers designed for leisurely cruising and are usually between 15 and 30 metres in length. They can accommodate between six and fifteen passengers and each cabin has its own private bathroom.

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The 'ayna kıç' (meaning 'mirror-stern' in English) is a close relative of the gulet, but instead of being rounded like the gulet, the stern is flat. This flat stern is its main advantage, because it allows space for two extra cabins at the rear.

With the increasing demand for space in blue cruise tourist, the 'ayna kıç' has become more popular than the original gulet, although sailing purists prefer the gulet, or, even more so, the 'tirhandil'.

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The Tirhandil is a traditional boat type with a single mast, long bow, pointed stern and a fairly large hull. Because of its uncluttered space on deck, Bodrum sponge-divers favoured this design. True sailors are said to prefer tirhandils, too. Their length varies between 10 and 20 metres.

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Gulet Cruise

The day can start aboard with a quick swim by the energetic, or even a waterski over the bay- calm as glass in the early morning.

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