TOP 5 Bays Must To See in Bodrum

TOP 5 Bays Must To See in Bodrum TOP 5 Bays Must To See in Bodrum

Bodrum is known as a Pearl of Agean Sea. Peninsula has an magnificient natural environment and virgin nature bays. One of the Gulet is enough to discover these most beautiful bays.

Camel Beach

One of the nicest beach areas you will find in Bodrum, The Camel Beach is a favorite hot spot amongst tourists and those living in Bodrum alike a perfect getaway for the day with the whole friends and family. Camel Beach is also home to several camels. Enjoy splendid camel rides up and down the beach.

Kissebuku Bay

You can slowly soak into pure bay to drop the anchor. It can be highly possible you are the only yacht in the bay especially in springtime. As the chain rushed noisily into the sea, you can feel a bit uneasy due to disturbed nature hush. Enjoy ultra shining of the sun and the crystal clear turquoise water.

Aquarium Bay

Aquarium Bay is one of the stops of the excursion boat tours and attracts a lot of people. Aquarium Bay is the perfect place for those who want to get away from the stress and the traffic jam of the big cities. The water is crystal clear aquamarine, and glorious for swimming in.

Poyraz Bay

Poyraz bay is just out of Bodrum and sitting on the back of the Black Island. The wind here is always cool, a sort of great refreshment on the hot summer days. Asides from the crystal clear aqua waters, one can view the many different rock formations below the surface. Swimming and snorkeling options are available. But this bay is also an ideal point for all types of scuba divers. From beginners, advanced and open water divers can all enjoy all the beauties that lie beneath the water’s surface.

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Meteor Hole

Just 10 minutes boat trip out of Bodrum, if you are looking for somewhere unique you must visit Meteor Bay. Lying west of Bodrum this bay is formed by a large meteor hole. Try to imagine the size of the meteor and the impact it once had in creating this now beautiful bay from the deck of your boat with one cup of coffee.

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