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Istanbul is a city of cities: a thriving, colorful, blaring living mega-metropolis of 15 million people that captivates visitors and residents alike. Each visitor has their own experience, be their purpose cultural, historical, artistic or simply to explore, to taste and enjoy. The past names of the city evoke the ancient eras that it stands upon; Byzantium, Constantinople and Istanbul; and the empires that grew from the shores.

The hold of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn were and still are the city’s and the empires’ source of power, so what better way to take to the seas than from Istanbul in the paths of mythical and legendary sailors. But first spare two or three days to explore the history and life of the city: the Ottoman palace complex of Topkapi, the magnificent Haghia Sofia, the superb mosques of Sinan, the wealth of the Istanbul Archaeological Museum, the bustling Grand and Spice Bazaars, and much more, before you set off for your exploration of Turkish shores.

There is no difficulty getting there as so many world airlines fly direct to one of Istanbul‘s two airports, Ataturk on the European and city side of the Bosphorus, and the 21st century airport of Sabiha Gokcen on the southern Asian side, both serving a comprehensive network of domestic flights . Ferries connect it to Turkish ports, and trains also serve the city from Europe, and from the interior of Turkey and its capital Ankara.

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