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Istanbul, which is the favorite city of the whole world with its bridge connecting Asia and Europe continents. This city hosted the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, therefore it generously offers a rich historical texture to its visitors. Istanbul is Turkey’s largest metropolitan city together to attract the attention of quite a lot of foreign tourists. Traveling around Istanbul with seven hills and living in the city cannot be a one-day activity of course. We have written for you the most beautiful and special points of this fascinating city in our article. We start our article with the hope that you will return without doing these during your visit to Istanbul.

Most Visited Places In Istanbul

Our suggestions to our guests who want to start their trip to Istanbul from the most popular historical places will of course be Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern, and Sultan Ahmet Mosque.

Starting your trip in the early hours will make it easier for you to reach these areas where traffic is very heavy. Starting the day in Gülhane Park with Turkish Tea and Simit which is a traditional quick breakfast for Turkish people will change your mood in an instant. We also recommend shopping enthusiasts not to continue on their way without visiting the Grand Bazaar.

While wandering the streets of Karaköy, you can take a whopping Turkish Coffee break in one of the historical Ottoman coffeehouses. You can walk among the people fishing on the Galata Bridge, your next stop, and discover the beauty of the city from this perspective. From there, you can walk around in the authentic and mystical atmosphere of the historical “Mısır Bazaar”.

When it comes to Istanbul, of course, it is not possible to eat fish and bread from the boat in the “Historical Eminönü Fish sellers”. Fragrant scents will inevitably draw you in that direction.

If you want to explore the streets of “Balat district”, we would like to say that authentic places such as Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, Hagia Yorgi Church, Fener Greek High School, Usturumca Street, Kiremit Street, Ladder Slope await you. We believe that while completing the fatigue of the first day in Kumkapı with Turkish Raki-fish and fasıl music, you will feel like “What a day …”.

Second day, you can visit the famous “Galata Tower”. In order to explore “Taksim Square”, where is the heart of the city, you can walk the Tunnel road and go to “İstiklal Street”. Here you can visit popular places as  “Çiçek Passage” and “Anzavur Passage”, and you can see the smiles of history on the streets of “Beyoğlu”. If this much walking has made you thirsty, you can have a drink in “Nevizade” or “Asmalı Mescit”.

The fortresses of Istanbul are the places that reflect the texture of historical periods best. Another activity that we recommend you to try on your Istanbul trip will be to have breakfast at the Rumeli Fortress and visit the Fortress Museum.

From here you can go to “Ortaköy”, famous for its “Kumpir”  baked potato restaurants. Before or after your visit to Ortaköy Mosque, you should not continue on your way without tasting these delicious stuffed baked potatoes. After Ortaköy, you can walk between Ortaköy and Beşiktaş, which is one of the most beautiful roads of Istanbul. You can walk around Beşiktaş and take a ferry from here to “Sarıyer”.

Epic Yacht Trip in Bosphorus

Don’t you ever have a nice Bosphorus Tour when you come to Istanbul? If you wish, you can choose the Istanbul yacht charter service. With the option of daily, hourly, or weekly luxury yacht charter, you can take a private tour away from the crowd during your Istanbul Bosphorus tour. For Istanbul yacht charter prices, you can get information from our charter experts and choose different route options.

Another option is that you can easily accompany the tours departing from “Eminönü”. Istanbul also hosts a different beauty with its historical islands. Heybeli Island, one of the most famous ones. While strolling the historical streets of the island, a peaceful and calm environment will rest your soul instead of the crowd of the city.

Another district of Istanbul, Kadıköy is one of the must-visit places. It would not be here without taking a photo in the famous Bull Sculpture. Afterwards, Süreyya Opera and Moda Stage are among the places you can visit. If you follow the board to the Moda you can find there “Museum Of Barış Manço House”. Barış Manço is a very famous person as an artist, singer, and traveler in the ’80s and ’90s. Watching the sunset while drinking something against the fairy-tale Maiden’s Tower will once again fall in love with this city.

As we said at the beginning, a separate historical fabric lies in a different story in every point of Istanbul. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to discover them with a trip in a couple of days. We tried to compile the must-haves of Istanbul for you and convey to you the most beautiful spots of this epic city. We think that you can at least create a route that you can follow during your visit to Istanbul.

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