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Kuşadası, which started its past as a port city, is now a leader in cruise tourism. Kuşadası, which is frequented by millions of tourists every year, has managed to attract the attention of both sea, sand, sun trio, and culture tours with its close location to ancient cities.

History Of Town

The region in its history dating back to 3000 BC. In the 9th century, ions dominated. In the area between Büyük Menderes and Gediz Rivers, in ancient times, in the region called Ionia (Ionia), the people used to be maritime and merchant.

Kuşadası was founded in the place called “Yılancı Burnu” by the Ionians under the name of Neopolis, which is connected to Ephesus, as a port city of Anatolia that opens to the sea. Alexander the Great, in 334 BC, he captured all of Anatolia and while the Persian Empire ended, the Hellenistic period started.

There are famous ancient cities in Aydın and its surroundings; Ephesus, Miletus, Priene, and Didyma. While Kuşadası was a port used by pirates in the Middle Ages, it was named Scala Nuova in the 15th century during the Venetian and Genoese period. Afterward, the region where the Byzantine rule was exiled was under Ottoman rule in 1413 by the 1st Mehmet (Çelebi). Due to its location, it took an important place in history before and after the Ottoman period. Tourism, which started in 1965, continued with the first cruise ship tourism. While it was a small holiday town in the Aegean Region in the ’90s, it has now taken on the city atmosphere.

Must Visit

Dilek Peninsula National Park

Just south of the peninsula is Büyük Menderes Delta. It is a point where fresh and saltwater mixes. There are 209 different bird species. The Tepeli Pelican, whose species is rare and under protection, incubates here. We recommend you to watch the magnificent view from the Dilek hill located in the north of the island.

Güzelçamlı Village

Güzelçamlı Village is the point before Dilek peninsula, approximately 25 km from Kuşadası. It was known as the altar of Poseidon Helikonis in Antiquity. Panionion, one of the 12 cities founded by the ions. It became an important point as council meetings and rituals were held in these cities.

Zeus Cave

Zeus Cave, which is included in mythology, is within the borders of Zeus Cave national park. You can dive and swim in the cave, which has a depth of 10-15 meters. The water flowing through the cave comes from the mountains here. The sea has a wonderful blue-green mix color.

Güvercin Ada / Pigeon Island

Güvercin Ada was built with the aim of protecting the island harbor in Kuşadası Bay. On Güvercin Ada, there is an inner castle built by Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha and walls built by İlyas Ağa. This tiny island welcomes you with a beautiful harbor view. There are also places to eat delicious local mezes and fresh seafoods.

Ephesus Ancient City

The ancient city of Ephesus is only 19 kilometers from the ancient city of Kuşadası, which causes you to make a beautiful journey into history with the ruins of the Roman and Byzantine periods. It will not be difficult to visualize the city with its roads, Ancient Theater, Celsius Library. Especially for foreign tourists, the House of Virgin Mary is a religiously important place.

Kadınlar Plajı / “Women’s Beach”

It is a place identified with Kuşadası, which we can recommend for those who want to start their vacation by swimming. The beaches we mentioned are the oldest public beaches on the island with free entrance. Of course, there are also private beaches.

Rent A Yacht In Kuşadası

You can see these places, which we recommend, with the private yacht charter option, as well as the opportunity to see many different bays that amaze you with the daily boat rental you will attend. Also, Kuşadası is located very close to Selçuk. For this reason, we recommend that you take a day trip to the ancient cities. The most popular tours of these places are Şirince and Ephesus.

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