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Categories of Gulets

Categories of Gulets

What is Difference Between Gulet Classes?

Guletbookers has created categories of gulets to help our guests choose the gulet that suits their budget and their expectations.There is no standardisation of gulets as in hotels, as they are very much a product of their owners and builders ideas – which is all part of their charm. However at Guletbookers we apply the terms to help guide guests when they select features which they value for their holiday.

Gulet Categories: Choosing Your Perfect Charter

Our categories are Economical, Standard, Luxury, Deluxe and High Deluxe boats with the most original, stunning and ultra chic gulets being listed as the exclusive VIP yachts. What are the defining comforts and features which Guletbookers guests expect to find on board their holiday cruise gulet? This list is not definitive but a general guideline based on our experience and how we at Guletbookers distinguish in quality of gulets. It is not directly related to price as the prices are set by the owners and managements of the gulets.

One very important defining feature for guests comfort is the amount of hours allowed for use of the air-conditioning system, dependent on the capacity of the gulets generator/s, another is in the configuration of the cabins and space allocated in the cabins and bathrooms. Other features considered are equipment on board, woodwork and build quality, and overall design and quality of fittings.

Gulet Lina 2
Gulet Icarus

Economic Gulets

These gulets are the older traditional wooden gulets built in the late 1980's and 1990's which haven't undergone extensive remodelling and renovation.

Being real vintage classics they are sturdy testaments to their care and maintenance over the years, sometimes by the same family.

Gulet Golden Glory
Gulet Halil Aga

Standard Gulets

The Standard category of the traditional wooden gulets includes many charming, simple and comfortable gulets of different ages, some renovated, and most usually with six – eight cabins, offering more variety of bed allocation with double beds and twins.

Most gulets in this category have been built or refitted in the 1990’s and 2000’s, and can be quite large.

Gulet Diamond Lila
Gulet White Rose
Luxury Gulets

These gulets have been built or extensively refitted within the last ten years with not only interior modifications, but technology for improved performance of the gulet.

The Luxury gulets have cabins in a variety of configurations offered for twins, triples and double bed cabins, and sometimes have one or two master cabins.

Gulet Angelo 2
Yacht Son of Wind
Deluxe Gulets

The Deluxe category of gulets offer guests comforts and standards generally equivalent to 4 –star hotels, in gulets which have been built or fully renovated within the last ten years.

Some are traditional style while some gulets have been built to more modern tastes.The cabins are well-designed and spacious, with usually one or two well-appointed master cabins.

Gulet Babylon
Yacht Love Story
High Deluxe Gulets

Equivalent to luxury boutique hotel. Recent build or full refit (10 years). Generous allowance A/C, 12-24 hours – used mainly at night for cabin comfort and for saloon (according to size gulet has two generators).

Bathrooms good to designer fittings basin, toilet, shower enclosed always, often have hairdryers. Cabin space larger better designed, with quality materials – seating, linen and towels.

Gulet Queen Of Salmakis
Yacht Queen of Makri
VIP Gulets

The most original, stunning and ultra chic gulets, recent build or refit (7 years) Equivalent to a five - star boutique hotel, maximum number of cabins is 6, unlimited air-conditioning.

Designer decor and customised fittings, materials.Advanced navigation and marine technology. High power engines, generators, and tenders.

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