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Economic Gulets Economic Gulets

This traditional boat type is a favourite for the Blue Voyage.With its broad, rounded stern it is ideally for relaxation, conversation and sociable dining. Gulets are motor-sailers designed for leisurely cruising and are usually between 15 and 30 metres in length. They can accommodate between six and fifteen passengers and each cabin has its own private bathroom.

These days the toilet is upgraded to electric or “home” style”. The cabins and saloon usually have no or very limited air-conditioning (run at night), and bunk beds. For the all-important relaxation the gulets have the essentials of the foredeck sunbathing space, and shaded cushions and dining table in the stern and a ladder into the water.

The crew makes the difference with the quality of their informal, friendly service while they cook simple delicious Turkish meals, clean and manage the gulet, and wait on you.These gulets offer plain, simple value for your holiday.

17 Meter 3 Cabins 6 Guest

From € 3.150 / per week

Gulet Yacht Mermaid

Turkish Coast
24 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 3.780 / per week

Gulet Yacht La Mer

Turkish Coast
21 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 3.850 / per week

Gulet Yacht Dilara

Turkish Coast
17 Meter 4 Cabins 8 Guest

From € 3.850 / per week

Gulet Yacht Madlife

Turkish Coast
22 Meter 7 Cabins 14 Guest

From € 3.850 / per week

22 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 4.095 / per week

Gulet Classes

Guletbookers has created categories of gulets to help our guests choose the gulet that suits their budget and their expectations.

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