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Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Food & Drinks Aboard the Gulet Yacht

GULETBOOKERS offer wide selection of catering packages and menu options on all of gulet charters. Good and fresh food is an important priority to the enjoyment of your gulet charter holiday. We offer a variety of delicious food options, which are bought by our staff.

We only work with the best suppliers, such as supermarkets, greengrocers, fish markets, wine stores, and beverage companies, to make sure you get exactly what you want. Everything is bought freshly on the date of the charter and delivered to the chef. You will be served daily with a choice of delicious food, freshly prepared mezes, and fish on board by our experienced chefs. The chef will also communicate with guests throughout their time on board to ensure that everything is prepared according to their preferences, which have been marked on the preference list.

Culinary Excellence: Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is renowed as one of the greatest in the world. While the different geography and climatic conditions of this huge country produces met pr gain-based dishes in many regions, in Turkish Mediterranean cuisine, the vegetable is king. Turkish cuisine is unique. The anatolian peninsula combines the characteristics of two continents, Europe and Asia. Its geographical, ecological and climatic diversity provide fertile land, coveted down the ages by Hittite, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman dynasties.

Turkey today is one of the few countries in the world that can successfully feed its own population and stil have surplus to trade. Turkish cuisine reflects the diversity of the landscape, a rich cultural heritage and the dynamic resources of all its inhabitants, past and present. The emphasis of Turkish cuisine is on seasonal freshness. Summer and winter cookery have almost nothing in common.

While summer dishes are based on the tomato and the aubergine, winter food is rich in greens, at least around the Aegean. On the coast, there is naturally an abundance of seafood, but the cuisine of the Aegean and Mediterranean is also very rich in vegetable dishes, mainly prepared with the local olive oil.

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