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What to Expect on board What to Expect on board Gulet Cruises ?

Gulet cruise is the most beuatiful way to explore the Turkey's stunning Turquoise Coast which offers nature and history
together where you will forget who you are.

The day on Gulet Cruise starts aboard with a quick swim by the energetic, or even a waterski over the bay- calm as glass in the early morning. Then all guests awake sit down to the full breakfast served by the gulet crew.

When you are on gulet cruise; enjoy the chatter over fresh food, and even plan the day, such as it will be, with the captain. Another swim or paddle on the canoe, or start the next chapter of the book while lying on the sunbeds? The choice is difficult. But the crewman is teaching the kids to fish with a handline while the cook is preparing a very tasty lunch with salads, Turkish Mezes and a chicken dish.

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Gulet Cruise Water Sports

After the sit down lunch and drinks has been served by the crew, there is great hilarity when some start to learn and to play backgammon. Then the gulet gets underway for its next mooring spot. As soon the anchor is dropped and motor turned off, all are in for a swim and splash, and fun on the watersports toys again. On the sunbeds on the front deck afternoon tea and fruit give a break to the activities or the leisurely reading.

Later on showers and change out of swimming gear prepares all for the drinks service at the front of the boat to admire the sunset before sitting down to a princely meal served by the crew.

Drinks and meal service at the table and on deck, motoring or sailing for a part of each day from bay to bay or seaside village/resort, watersports toys on board for use, laundry changed and beachtowels provided for you, equipment for music, and other electronics, television, boardgames, books, movies and much swimming, sunbathing and leisurely fun time spent with your group are all part of the life aboard.

Life on Board Gulet Cruise
Gulet Cruise
Gulets Cruise Food & Drinks

Add to those the options of a meal ashore, walks in the hills where gullet is moored, and visits of discovery to seaside archaeological sites, small villages or shopping in the harbour towns, and your gulet cruise can be fun and filled with interest.

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