Vip Yacht Chartering In Turkey

Vip Yacht Chartering In Turkey Vip Yacht Chartering In Turkey

A peaceful holiday by visiting and exploring new places is a type of travel that everyone dreams of. Away from crowded places, the number of people who want to experience exploration to the fullest is increasing day by day.

Those who want to have a fully peaceful holiday and sightseeing experience often benefit from the yacht rental service. With this service, the holidays are much more memorable and fun.

More Memorable Vacation with Various Yachts

Yacht chartering fascinates people with the beauty of moving away from crowded beaches and previously discovered bays, sailing into new waters, especially in resorts.

VIP yacht chartering offers you that experience perfect adventures in the vast seas of Turkey, which has miraculous beauties. You can create a blue voyage plan according to how many people you want to go, the features you need, or the size and length of the yachts.

Yachts capacities are starting from 2 cabins, up to 20 cabins. It depends on your needs and the number of your family or group. There are standard, economic, deluxe, luxury, or Vip gulet yacht classes in our fleet.

Charter Port Marinas in Turkey

Among the conveniences offered by VIP yacht charter service, yacht charter options from central regions come to the fore. Turkey’s most preferred holiday regions and touristic destinations are home to this service. VIP Yacht charter is located in Mugla province of Turkey. One of Turkey’s touristic destinations such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, and Fethiye located in this region.

Mugla is a marked point for yacht chartering with its unique bays and remote islands. Each port city in the region is the ideal location that you can start your unforgettable private gulet yacht charters. Apart from Mugla, you can easily find gulet yacht charters in Kas- Kalkan, Antalya, or the west coast of Turkey such a Kusadasi or Didyma, which are frequently preferred by tourists for summer holidays.

On the last days of your adventure in Turkey, you can choose Istanbul as the last stop. After discovering the unique beauties of the resorts, you can also enjoy the historical texture of Istanbul and the unique Bosphorus view by the private VIP yacht charter service. VIP yacht chartering offers you, get out of the crowds of Istanbul city rush and a nice chance have experience the Bosphorus and magnificent scenery in a calm environment.

Cost Of Private Yacht Charters

VIP yacht charter prices may vary depending on the type of trip you want to make. These variables; there may be comfort-oriented variables such as the size of the yacht you choose, the duration of the charter, and the characteristics of the yacht. Length of the yacht, number of cabins, types of equipment, design, and age of yacht affect the cost of your chartering. Sometimes, prices including full board meals may be offered.

You can also take advantage of daily or weekly rental options according to your request and conditions. Yacht charter duration can be 1 day (private day trips) or more, up to a month or during the whole summer season. All options can be offered to you with the assurance of Guletbookers. You can experience this unique experience either as a large group or as a couple. Especially for couples, there is no more special honeymoon holiday or anniversary celebration than a romantic blue cruise.

Please visit to find the best yacht which suits your gulet cruise plan. You can make your holiday plans with all detail which you want to have an enjoyable and funny gulet yacht holiday with your family or friends. We would like to wish you beautiful blue cruises as a Guletbookers Team.

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