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TOP 5 Yacht Stops In Greece Dodecanese

The definition of twelve islands comes from the Ottoman Empire's understanding of administration in non-Muslim regions. There are more than 12 islands in the cluster of 12 islands in Greece. The number 12 does not mean the number of islands, but the islands are governed by a council of 12 elders.

In any case, 12 of the islands in the cluster of 12 islands within the borders of Greece; Istanbulya is the island of Herke, Kilimli, Kerpe, Çoban, Kos, Ileriye, Incirli, Batnaz, Rhodes, Symi, and Yali (Gyali). Touring the 12 islands by private yacht charter is not only fun but also saves time and provides flexibility. The new harmony created when the architecture of the past and present is added to 12 different natural wonders invites visitors to a different world. The Dodecanese is the best sun-drenched region in Greece. It is possible to hear the heat of the sun all over the island from sunrise to sunset. In addition, it is possible to see all sea creatures close to the surface in the clear, glass-like sea, so to speak. In addition, swimming in a clear sea is another pleasure.

Rhodes Island

Since there are so many islands in Greece, the islands are grouped under different groups such as the North Aegean Islands, the Northern Sporades Islands, the Cyclades Islands, and the Ionian Islands, apart from the twelve islands. While it is thought that the total of islands under each group is between 1200 and 6000, the number of inhabited islands is between 160 and 230. Rhodes, the largest of the islands in the Greek Dodecanese cluster, has an area of 1401 km. The easternmost island is also known as the closest island to Turkey. It is thought that the island of Rhodes was shaped by the Knights Templar.

The island, which was under the Ottoman rule for many years, hosts a rich historical heritage with mosque minarets, city walls, Rhodes statues, and windmills. During the 12 islands tour, the taste of swimming in the magnificent bays of Rhodes island is different. Besides, the island is more reminiscent of Turkey’s Aegean coast. The same vegetation, the same clarity draw people in.

Rhodes island

Symi Island

The next stop after Rhodes island, Symi, welcomes its visitors to traditional houses where magnificent colors are used together. When the narrow streets of the island are mixed with the colors of the houses, a different festive atmosphere prevails on the island. Promising a unique holiday to its visitors with its untouched nature, the island is on the 12 islands boat tour route. Symi has also known as a neighbor island where is very close to Bozburun / Marmaris / Turkey.

Kos Island

The island of Kos is the third-largest island of the 12 island cluster of Greece. The island is also the birthplace of Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine. The history of the island, which was under the influence of different dominations such as the Ottoman, British, and Greek, goes back to the Carians, one of the oldest peoples of Anatolia. In addition to its sea, sand, and sun, its culture consisting of rich mosaics of different cultures can be felt all over the island. If you are interested in visiting Turkish Coastal and Greek Island Kos at the same time as You can prefer the destination of Bodrum for your weekly private yacht charters.

Although a boat trip to the twelve islands is a good idea to see each island, it seems like it is not possible to visit every island due to time constraints. This means at least 12 days, especially for those who want to stay one night on each island. Therefore, with good planning, at least 5 islands including Symi and Kos can be seen.

Kos Island

Nsyros Island

Nsyros is another private island. The island draws attention with its natural texture and volcanic structure. Nsyros island, located between the islands of Kos and Tilos, is known for being an island also mentioned in Homer’s Iliad. Those who participate in the twelve islands excursion program can visit the island even to see the Stefanos crater located in this place, which is an old volcanic island.

Gyali Island

Gyali Island, which is one of the first stops of those who have a 12-island yacht tour plan, has been under the influence of different civilizations like other islands. It is possible to feel the past heritage in the dishes, as the rich historical past of the island is reflected in every street. Gyali island is close to Kos island. Those who go to Kos island can also visit Yali island. Yali island is a volcanic island like İncirli island. The shores of the island, which is also mentioned in Greek mythology, are rocky and have the ideal scenery to take beautiful photos during the twelve islands tour. The fact that it is an active volcanic region also attracts the attention of visitors.

The Dodecanese of the Greek Islands offer not only pure natural beauty but also help you to refresh your mind and body. Every morning you can wake up with a different view. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your private yacht charter plan arrangements. You can easily reach us 24/7 via email, phone call, or WhatsApp text.

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