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Hotspots Of North Cyclades With Private Gulet Charter

As our followers know we started just a new article series about Cyclades. Cyclades divided into four regions and the last blog article was about West Cyclades.

We offered weekly itineraries for your private gulet charter plans to West Cyclades. Today we going to share special towns, villages, and attraction points with you in North Cyclades.


There are visitable Sandy beaches, rocky coasts with your private gulet. The mountain ranges alternating with fertile plains, lush vegetation, and many streams. Andros has always been seen as a gateway to the Aegean Sea. The island area is 400 sq. km, the coastline is 177 km and the population amounts to 10,000.

There are lots of amazing towns on Andros island as North towns and South towns.

Private Gulet Charter Andros Island Greece

Chora Androu

The capital town of Andros is located on the east part of the island. It is a town with a noble character. Town popular for visitors with its the three-lined spacious square, the narrow streets, remarkable churches and museums, shops, cafés, and restaurants.

North Towns


Stenies is a beautiful village and the homeland of many sea captains and shipowners, with its houses

surrounded by thick green foliage and fruit trees. The beach of Gialia is located within a short distance; notice the river estuary in the middle of it. You must see; Gefyri tou Leontos mostly known as “Bridge of the Lion”. Secondly, Bisti – Mouvela Tower very a unique place that is a 17th-century three-storeyed building and you should not miss the Agios Georgios’ church which is located in the same tower.


Apoikia is well known for its Sariza spring and is surrounded by lush vegetation and many streams. The most popular attraction points of the town are; Sariza spring area, Agia Eirini’s church, Faros lighthouse, Pythara, and Agia Marina’s Monastery. Achla Bay is also one of the best points of the town to swim with its sandy beach.


Batsi is a village that is very popular among holidaymakers, built on the semicircle around the bay with the sandy beach. This place very secured against wind so private yachts drop anchor in its port. Ypsili Archaeological site located in this town and you must see Agios Filippos’ church.


The port of Gavrio has been built in an area that has been populated since antiquity. Along the waterfront, there are popular coffee bars, restaurants, and tavernas. You must see Agios Nikolaos’ church and Ano Gavrio village which is offering a lovely view of Gavrio. Other attractions are Agios Petros village and Fasa lighthouse.


Ammolochos is an old mountain village in this place located at northwest of ısland and 42 kilometers far from the capital town Chora. If you visit that place you must see Mouria Fountain, built-in 1882. The expenses were covered by Leonidas D. Karakitsos.

South Towns


Mesaria is one of the most beautiful inland villages of Andros. As well as many Byzantine ruins. Foros cave is located near the village.


Menites is a green village, built in an area of wonderful natural environment, rivers, and centuries-old trees. Dionysos Spring is one of the best attraction point in town.


Palaiopoli is a village built in an amphitheatrical formation, affording a magnificent view of the Aegean.

Ormos Korthiou / Korthi Cove;

It is a picturesque coastal village with a long beach and beautiful houses. You must see; The fortified Byzantine monastery of Tromarchion (Panagia Tromarchiani) with its high walls, offering a beautiful view of the surrounding area.  Also, the villages are that; Aidonia, Mousionas, Amonaklios, Aipatia, Korthi, and Kapparia. These places have a very traditional atmosphere that you can stroll by traditional houses, towers, and dovecotes.


Tinos is one of the most fascinating island. Located in the northern Cyclades area, between Syros, Andros, and Mykonos. ort the Greeks, Tinos Island is associated with the Church of Panagia Megalochari (Mother of God of Great Joy). Although Tinos is well known as a religious center, there are also areas of natural beauty and great sights which remain unknown to most of its visitors, since most people settle for a single-day pilgrimage trip.

Tinos Island North Cyclades Greece


Chora is the capital of Tinos Island used to be a typical Cyclades town. That changed in recent decades due to the construction of many modern buildings. However, the historic town center possesses remarkable Cycladic architectural patterns and numerous small churches.

Except for Chora, there are many towns and villages on Tinos island. These are Panormos, Kionia, Agios, Sostis, Agios Ioannis Porto, Kampos, Volax, Komi, Falatados, Kardiani, Isternia, Pyrgos, Agios, Fokas. Each has specific, special, and unique views and historical values. For example, you can visit the Poseidon temple in Kionia or swim in Agios Ioannis Porto turquois crystal beach.


Syros Island has been called “Lady of the Cyclades» and «nymph of the Aegean Sea“. It is the homeland of Ferekydis, an ancient Greek philosopher, teacher of Pythagoras. In the Neolithic Age, Syros was one of the most important islands of the Cycladic civilization.

Lady of the Cyclades, Syros Island Greece


Ermoupoli has been named after the ancient Greek god Hermes. It is the island’s capital town and the administrative capital of all the Cyclades islands.

Ano Syros or Epano Chora

Ano Syros or Epano Chora, as the locals call it, keeps its medieval appearance unchanged,

with its labyrinthine alleys, traditional snow-white houses, arches over the street, and narrow alleys with stairs leading to small neighborhoods.


Azolimnos is a seaside village on the southeastern coast of the island, with a lovely golden sandy beach. It is the closest beach to Ermoupoli and one of the most popular beaches on the island.

You can visit in Syros most popular points as Galissas, Kini, Chalandriani, Megas Gialos, Foinikas, Vari, Poseidonia (Delagrasia).

Around the island, there are beautiful sandy beaches in Kini, Delfini, Aetos, and Lia. Grammata is accessible by yachts only; other great beaches include Vari, Azolimnos, Foinikas, Achladi, Famprika, Empatis,  Santorinioi, Ampela, Tria Lagonia, and Poseidonia.


Οne of the most famous tourist destinations worldwide. Mykonos is the best known Greek island worldwide and a favorite destination among celebrities from all over the planet. It is one of the most beautiful Cyclades islands, with bare hills, stunning sandy beaches, a very well preserved Cycladic architectural style, little white churches, and scenery of unique beauty. In recent decades many villas and hotels have been built in harmony with the island’s physiognomy and architecture.

Famous Mykonos Chora town windmills


This is one of the most beautiful towns in the Cyclades, one that has maintained its beautiful, unaffected, and austere Aegean style intact. Narrow cobblestone-laid streets, small freshly whitewashed houses with blue windows and small wooden balconies, pots filled with multicolored and fragrant flowers, churches, museums, and streets lined with shops with a bustling trade create a remarkable picture.

Agios Stefanos

This is a coastal village that attracts many tourists. Do visit the small Agios Stefanos church in the village, the 1891 lighthouse of Armenistis in the Fanari area as well as Choulakia, a bay with an impressive pebble beach.


A very popular seaside village, a meeting place for the jet-set and the famous. Platys Gialos is located nearby where ruins of towers lie, dating back to the Hellenistic period. Mykonos island has also many places with sandy beaches and its ancient ruins as Kalafatis, Ornos, Ano Mera.


Delos is a small island in the heart of the Aegean Sea, with an area of 6 sq. km, a major religious and cultural center of Greek Antiquity as Apollo, the god of light, was born there, according to mythology.

Heart of the Aegean Sea Delos Island

Ancient Greeks believed that the island, previously named “Adelos-Asteria”, was floating on the sea. Upon the birth of the god Apollo there, Adelos became Delos i.e. visible and was flooded with light and flowers. According to the legend, the island was then tied to the bottom of the sea.

Around 700 BC, Delos had already been established as the religious center of the Ionians who held their Great Assembly there along with other Panhellenic events. Paros, Naxos, Samos, Athens, and many other Ionian cities offered numerous oblations to the sacred island.

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