Gulet Vacation On Greek Islands

Gulet Vacation On Greek Islands Gulet Vacation On Greek Islands

Holiday on a yacht has long been associated with luxury, wealth, and power. Yacht cruises are touristic activities, which were preferred by private groups in the past.

Nowadays this activity has become very popular among couples, families, and friends. Due to the recent pandemic, many holiday lovers have turned to private yacht rental for a more isolated holiday. Private gulet charter vacations are very suitable activities for those who want a private, personal, and relaxing holiday.

Most Recommended Greek Islands

The Greek islands are one of the best private gulet vacation routes due to the attractive Cyclades and Dodecanese islands in white and blue.

The Cyclades is a group of about 30 islands and located in the South Aegean region, southeastern Greece. The most popular islands of the Cyclades are Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Milos, Ios, and Amorgos. Nevertheless, all the Cyclades islands are really beautiful and photogenic.

The Dodecanese is a group of islands in the Aegean Sea, off the southwestern coast of Turkey in southeastern Greece. The islands also are a perfect destination for those who want to chill out in less crowded destinations where they can hike, walk on sandy beaches. The most popular islands of Dodecanese are Kalymnos, Patmos, Leros, and Symi.

Santorini Greece

How can I create the best route for The Greek Islands?

A satisfying gulet vacation does not depend on the number of islands or bays you will visit. The most important is the quality of the time you spent at each destination. Our suggestion is to get support from us for all details such as route creation, ports, and islands. With our experience, we can create a beautiful itinerary for your holiday in line with your wishes. You can decide your starting port and follow the beautiful stops. We believe that you will not understand how the time is passing in this gulet yacht vacation.

Lefkada Island Greece

We would recommend Turkey’s Aegean coastal as the best starting point for a gulet cruise to the Greek Islands. Turkey is a unique country that offers the coast of popular seas and beautiful beaches. Meanwhile, Turkey is a country that is very close to the coastline on the Greek Islands.

Please for all your questions reach us by phone, WhatsApp, or e-mail on 7/24. You can also visit our website to search for the best gulet yachts with Greek waters charter license. You can also find useful information about the Greek Islands from the blog posts on our site.

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