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Top 3 Greek Islands Visit from Bodrum by Yacht

Vacation schedules often go by very quickly. That's why time is very important. The idea of spending the holiday period in two countries at the same time is a very attractive plan for everyone. In this article, we will give you information about private boat rentals that can be made from Turkey to the Greek Islands.

If you want to have a different experience on your holiday, you can visit the beautiful islands of Greece. You can see unique landscapes on these beautiful islands by taking a tour of Greece. For this, you can make private yacht charters. By chartering a yacht, you can spend a quiet, peaceful, and peaceful holiday with your loved ones. Best of all, you may have the opportunity to see both the Turkish coasts and the Greek Islands during this holiday. For this program, you can choose private boat tours from Bodrum. Depending on your route, you can have a pleasant holiday in Turkish and Greek waters.

Kos Island, One of the biggest of the Dodecanese

Kos Island is one of the largest of the Dodecanese of Greece. It is also known as “Istankoy Island” in Turkish and is very close to the Turkish shore such as Bodrum. Since it has a very large area, it is possible to find holiday opportunities that appeal to different pleasures.

Private boats can be preferred for the Greek island of Kos from Turkey. By chartering these boats, you can go from Turkish waters to Greek waters. Moreover, since Kos is very close to the Turkish coasts, especially Bodrum, you can go in a short time and witness many views from Bodrum. You can consider the idea of going to Kos island by boat to see Greece and have a quiet and luxurious holiday. On the island of Kos, which is very rich in terms of tourism, you can stay for more than one day and do many activities. You can also get a luxury holiday experience by taking advantage of the yacht’s facilities. You can have a pleasant holiday with your loved ones by choosing among many yachts that suit your wishes.

Istankoy Island

Kalymnos Island for Calm Seekers

Located right across the Bodrum peninsula, Kalymnos is known in Turkish as Kelemez. It is located in the Dodecanes group and is an island that is not well known. Therefore, it is quieter and calmer than other islands. It makes a peaceful touch to your holiday pleasure with its natural beauties and deep blue sea. The Greek island of Kalymnos appeals to adventure lovers with activities such as rock climbing. It is possible to easily reach Kalymnos, which is very close to Turkey and to the north of the Dodecanes. The best private boat rental point you can choose for this will be Bodrum harbor.

While traveling from Turkey to Kalymnos by boat, you can witness unique landscapes and enjoy the deep blue waters. When you arrive on the island, you can take nature walks or visit the chapels.

A view of a port in Kalymnos island, Greece

Holy Island Patmos

Located in the northernmost of the Dodecanes, Patmos is a paradise with its nature and sea. In addition, its architectural structure attracts a lot of attention. It is an important pilgrimage center for Christians as it has a large number of monasteries, churches, and religious buildings. Patmos, Greece, which stands out with its holiness, is one of the best islands where you can go from Turkey with a boat tour or private yacht charter. To get to Patmos from Turkey, you can first take a 40-minute journey to the island of Kos, and then take another 2 and a half hours to Patmos.

You can have a pleasant and peaceful holiday in Patmos, which is famous for its clean sea, fine sand, and long beaches. It is also possible to take a cultural trip between narrow streets and buildings with unique architecture during the island tour. There are various boats you can rent from Turkey for the Greek island of Patmos.

Private Yacht Caner 4

Caner IV, a boat with deluxe features, will provide you with a pleasant experience throughout your trip with its spacious common areas and comfortable cabins. Caner IV, which was renovated in 2019, has a length of 36 meters and a width of 8 meters. With 2 master cabins, 2 double beds, and 2 single-bed twin cabins, it has a total accommodation capacity of up to 12 people. There are motorized water sports such as jetskiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, banana, and ringo on the boat, as well as non-motorized water sports such as canoeing and paddleboard.

Please feel free to call or text us. You can contact us with all your questions if you want to make a special visit to the Greek islands during your holiday from the Turkish coasts by chartering a private boat.

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