Best Seafood Restaurants of Greek Islands

Best Seafood Restaurants of Greek Islands Best Seafood Restaurants of Greek Islands

The coastal stretch of neighboring country Greece is also spectacular along with the beauty of Turkish coasts. The distinctive atmosphere of Greece satisfies both locals and tourists with its popular restaurants in various locations.

As a matter of fact, when someone mentions seaside restaurants; restaurants in this region is the first thing that comes to mind. In various Greek Islands such as Kalymnos, Santorini, Mykonos, etc. it is possible to experience different flavors. In this region, flavors that first come to mind are composed of seafood. You might taste delicious seafood products prepared with octopus and crab in addition to fish specific to the region in these restaurants.

Advantages of a Yacht Charter Organized in Greek Islands

Entertaining and cheerful yacht tour opportunities providing easy transportation are usually preferred to visit the Greek Islands. Each one of these islands are situated close to Aegean Region. Even though there are around 200 Greek Islands, you are going to visit the most popular ones and you are going to see the Greek Fish Restaurant options in popular locations. You are going to discover Greek Restaurants and have a feast with delicious fresh seafood in Greek Islands.

Two neighboring countries share almost the same cuisine and similar seafood products preferred.  One of the most beautiful features of these islands is their close proximity to Turkey; you could reach most of these islands within 1 hour. You should add at least several of the islands in this region to your route. Places especially Rhodes, Chios, and Lesbos come into prominence with their cuisine. You might even visit these islands for the weekend, you might discover their restaurants and delicious meals and come back to Turkey.

Advantages of a Yacht Charter Organized in Greece

Popular Greek Islands and Sea Food Restaurants

Kalymnos Island has various popular restaurants having looked at its restaurants and seafood. Taverns also attract the attention of tourists visiting this region blending Mediterranean Cuisine and breathtaking sceneries. Kalymnos is lucky in terms of both the sea and seafood and restaurants in this region are listed according to their popularity and scores. Restaurants such as; Dreamcatcher, To Kyma Emporios, Kalymnos Greek Taverna, Miltos and Paradiso might be ranked among the most popular alternatives.

Additionally, Aegean Tavern and Stukas Tavern are also in high demand. Among the restaurants around Mykonos; Baos Fine Dining, Nikos Gallop Restaurant, Lyo Bar Restaurant, Phos Restaurant, and finally Captain’s are drawing attention. Especially Lyo Bar is famous for its delicious sushi and Phos is famous for its dinner plates. You should include these two islands, Kalymnos and Mykonos, to your route for their rich restaurant options.

Popular Greek Islands and Sea Food Restaurants

Other Popular Islands and Food Culture

Santorini is another island that is taking a step forward. The most famous restaurant on this island is called Santorini Restaurant. The cold appetizer plates, prepared with olive oil extracted locally from the region’s olive trees, also attract the attention of visitors. Among all these options, the taverns in this region are also very popular. Among the most famous are Lombranos, Armeni Restaurant, Vinsanto, Summertime Restaurant, Captain’s Corner Taverna, and finally Fratzeskos Fish Tavern. Along with the fish, you can try delicious squid. Also, you can try a variety of seafood such as mussels, octopus (calamari), Greek Salad or souvlaki kalamaki.

Besides these islands, you can also try seafood in Rhodes. Visit restaurants in Rhodes like To Pirofani, Taverna Petronas etc. You should not miss Chios Island if you are touring Greek Islands. You could visit places like To Kechrimpari, Agia Markella Restaurant -Café or Meltemaki in Chios Island. Just visit these Greek Restaurants by the sea and make your vacation extraordinary.

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