Private Yacht Charter on Turkish Coastal in 2022

Private Yacht Charter on Turkish Coastal in 2022 Private Yacht Charter on Turkish Coastal in 2022

After working all year, everyone is looking forward to a pleasant summer vacation. During these holidays, plans are made to relieve all the tiredness and stress of the year. Especially, holiday options that offer luxury service and exclusive service are always preferred. Modern private boat rental is one of the options that offer this comfort and service together.

Since Turkey has many coastlines, this country is quite suitable for a luxury yacht holiday. Thanks to yacht charters, you can see many different beaches on the same day and swim in these places. In addition, the facilities offered by these yachts add a special touch to your holiday pleasure. With a private yacht charter, you can truly enjoy the holiday you have been waiting for all year.

Where Can You Sail With Yacht Charter?

There are many places in Turkey where you can go by renting a yacht. You can visit many places on the same day with a route that suits you. Especially the Aegean and the Mediterranean are two touristic coastal regions that stand out in terms of yacht charter. You can have this luxury with private yacht charter opportunities in Fethiye, Göcek, Kalkan, Kaş to have a sunny holiday in the Mediterranean. The natural beauties of Kekova Bay and the deep blue sea accompany you during your yacht tour. You can visit many different beaches by boat in the Kekova region, which brings together green and blue in a unique way.

Village Kalekoy Kekova

If you like to have a holiday in the Aegean more, you can have the most luxurious opportunities with a private yacht charter in Marmaris and Bodrum. Bodrum’s unique scenery and many beaches promise you a rich yacht tour. You can join Bodrum’s lively nightlife whenever you want during your holiday, and you can anchor in its unique bays for a quiet and peaceful holiday whenever you want. During the day, you can enjoy the sea and the sun in the bays around Bodrum, and in the evening you can leave yourself to the pace of the city. If you are one of those who prefer calmness and silence on holidays, the calm waters and coves of Gökova Bay offer you an environment just like you want.

Opportunities offered by boat holidays

The private yacht tour, which allows you to discover many natural beauties in the blue waters, is one of the best options you can choose to relax and have fun. You can also do many activities on these tours, which allow you to enjoy the sun and the sea in the best way. Boats with different features and facilities offer a variety of water sports and entertainment equipment to add color to your holiday. You can choose the most suitable one among them. You can ask our chefs, who will make special meals for you on the boat, to prepare the food you want. Thus, you can have a pleasant time on the boat during your holiday. If a place you go on your route has impressed you a lot, you can easily change your program and stay there longer.

You can organize a nice party to have fun with your loved ones while discovering different natural beauties. You can also get a different celebration experience by renting a boat for special occasions such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

Comfort services on VIP boats

When you want to charter a yacht, you may want to choose according to its features. These features determine the luxury level and price of yachts. You can choose luxury, ultra-luxury, and VIP category boats according to your wishes and budget. You can have all the luxury opportunities with a vip yacht charter. Many features are found on these yachts, from jacuzzi to the music system, from jetski to internet connection.

VIP Gulet Yacht Double Eagle

All of these luxury yachts have a kitchen. You can have our experienced chef and service staff prepare special meals, salads, and after-dinner cocktails according to your preferred food type or diet. The captain, cook, and sailor service on all yachts ensure that you have a safe journey while you enjoy your holiday.

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