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Bodrum, the district of Mu?la, which maintains its reputation at all times with its deep blue sea and lush nature, takes its place at the top of the holiday options. There are many different accommodation concepts in Bodrum for holidaymakers who want to have an extraordinary holiday experience.

Bodrum is a very popular town in terms of bays to visit. It is almost a yacht tourism paradise and a natural wonder for sea lovers. Bodrum coves are a really special place for those who want to have a fun holiday and spend the summer in a quiet way. By evaluating Bodrum boat rental options, you can draw a special route for yourself and make your holiday more enjoyable. Since there are many historical places as well as coves and islands throughout the peninsula, this region of the Aegean Sea offers the opportunity to spend a holiday like a fairy tale.

Best Bays Must see on your Private Yacht Trip

You can find many coves and beaches to visit in Bodrum, which is one of the first places that comes to mind when summer vacation is mentioned. The fact that it is difficult or impossible to access some places by land makes the blue voyage indispensable. One of the most beautiful places among these is Aquarium Bay. This place got its name from its clean and clear sea. Meteor Pit is another of the most interesting places in the region. The depth of the field is almost 20 meters.

Paradise Island Bodrum/Turkey

This makes jumping off the boat and swimming in the region more enjoyable. Poyraz Bay and Cleopatra Cave are also enjoyable spots in Bodrum. There are places where Cleopatra used its water to beautify. Therefore, it is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to the most beautiful bays in Bodrum. Yahşi Beach is one of the most famous routes in the region. Apart from these, another point you can add to your route is Orak Island. You can visit all of these places during your holiday in your Bodrum Bay boat tour program. You can have a pleasant holiday with the calm coves and untouched nature of Bodrum, whether with daily private tours or private rentals with 3-4 nights accommodation. During your holiday, the clean and oxygen-rich sea air will make you refresh.

Private Yacht Rental & Blue Cruise Routes

In addition to all Bodrum Bays, you can go ashore at suitable anchor points and visit the beautiful spots of the region on foot. In the Bodrum region, there are historical Bodrum castles and historical buildings dating from the Roman Period. On some beaches, you will swim among historical ruins. This will be one of the factors that give your holiday a different experience. You can start making your holiday plans right away to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun. If you want to go ashore at some points, you can determine these points together with your captain and create a special holiday plan where the choices are entirely up to you.

Bodrum Aquarium Bay

Bodrum has very rich stopping points in terms of boat tour holidays. In your blue cruises, there are options where you can charter for a week or 2-3 days and take advantage of Bodrum daily boat rental options. Although the daily blue cruise time options are entirely up to you, departure at 10:00 in the morning is one of the ideal times for a pleasant day. The return of the boats to the port is around 17:30. You can also choose the food options prepared by experienced chefs on tours. While exploring the beauties of the Aegean Sea thanks to Bodrum boat tour routes, you can watch the fish and experience a dream trip thanks to the crystal clear sea. Do not forget to take your camera with you to immortalize these moments. You can capture beautiful frames into the green and blue nature.

Yacht Charter Prices in Bodrum

Yacht charter prices in Bodrum vary according to the date, season, number of people, and concept you choose. Just like the route, you are free to determine the number of people yourself. If you want, you can organize a trip with your large family members or group of friends. If you want, you and your spouse can have a perfect, enjoyable, and special holiday opportunity in the most beautiful spots of Bodrum. After determining your travel route, you can create a starting point and sail to the most beautiful bays of the Aegean from there. You can make your early reservation for the best boat rental prices in Bodrum. Please can reach us by phone or WhatsApp for all your questions. We would like to assist you with an unforgettable private yacht charter.

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