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Thirasia belongs to Santorini’s group of islands and is located opposite Oia. Today’s island is what’s left of the western coast of Strongyli island, following the volcano’s eruption in 1500 BC. The imposing natural relief with impressive geological formations, the local architectural style evident in houses and churches, an enchanting view of Santorini, Palaia Kameni and Nea Kameni islets and the scenic coast of Korfos where you can find traditional tavernas, all the above are characteristic features of this very charming, yet little-known island.

Its area is 9 sq. km and there are 260 residents. Settlements of the Late Bronze Age and the Classical Period have been found here. You can reach Thirasia by boat from Santorini or from Oia.

Manolas (Thirasia town)
It is the island’s biggest village, built according to local tradition and offering a unique view of the caldera.

Thirasia Map

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