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Anafi is a small paradise with pristine lovely countryside bearing all the features of a typical beautiful Cyclades island. It is located east of Santorini. Mount Kalamos (460 m.) rises on the island’s east side. According to Greek mythology, Anafi was ordered by Apollo to emerge from the bottom of the Aegean, in order to provide shelter to the Argonauts. There is also another version connecting the name of the island with the non-existence of snakes on it (An-ofis: “an” meaning “absence of” and “ofis” meaning snake)!

The ancient town of Anafi was founded by Dorians during the 8th century BC. During the Byzantine times, Anafi had suffered pirate raids. In 1537, after interim periods of Venetian rule, the island was occupied by the Turks, following the invasion of Hayreddin Barbarossa who razed the place to the ground. During the 1860s, Anafi’s Chora served as a model for local masons who had migrated in Attica and built the picturesque Anafiotika settlement at the foot of the Acropolis rock in Athens. Anafi’s area is 40 sq. km, its coastline is 33 km and there are 250 residents.

Anafi’s Chora (town)
It is built on the ruins of a Venetian castle and has snow-white domed houses and narrow stone paved alleys. Chora is a very picturesque aggregate of churches, small squares, domed and flat – roofed houses, and narrow alleys with whitewashed stairs. The remains of the Venetian castle have been incorporated in the modern town.

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