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Sikinos is a relatively small island, ideal for a quiet holiday, strolls in scenic locations and swimming in clear waters. The vegetation is scanty and the ground is rocky. A special feature of the island is the steep cliff located at the northwestern part, where Chora is built. The island’s area is 40 sq. km, its coastline is 41 km and there are 240 residents.

It was first inhabited during the Mycenaean Period and was also named Oinoi, after the numerous vineyards and its fine wine (oinos in Greek means wine). During the 10th century BC, the Ionians settled in Sikinos. In the 5th century BC it came under Athenian rule. Through the centuries, the island of Sikinos followed the destiny of the other Cyclades islands, and became occupied by the Romans and the Byzantines. During the period of the Venetian rule, Sikinos became part of the Duchy of Naxos. In the year 1537 the island was conquered by the Turks. It joined the Greek state in 1829.

It is one of the most beautiful towns in Cyclades, with manors built of stone and narrow picturesque alleys. There are two quarters: the oldest one is Kastro (Castle), also called Sikinos, whereas the second quarter, Chorio (the Greek word for village) has been built in the recent years. Chora’s square with its traditional cafés and shops is the centre of the island’s social life.

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