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Leipsoi is the ideal island for a relaxed vacation: the nature and the locals have a unique way of helping visitors acquire a much needed inner peace. This is why locals say that it was probably this land, and not Calypso herself, that lured Odysseus into staying there when his ship strayed from the course set for his return to Ithaca.

Leipsoi is part of the northern Dodecanese. It is the largest island in a group of twenty islands and islets of enormous environmental value, as they are included in the Natura Networking Programme. They lie between Patmos and Leros and have been inhabited since prehistoric times. Leipsoi village was founded in 1669 by a man from Crete by the name of Elias. Leipsoi Island was integrated in Greece in 1948. Area: 16 sq. km, coastline: 35 km and population: 700. There are ferries to Leros and Patmos.

Leipsoi – The Village
The only village on Leipsoi island is built on the hill where Lios (Elias) the Cretan built the first house and gently descends towards the harbour.

Leipsoi Map

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