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Kastellorizo lies at the easternmost end of Greece, a stone’s throw away from the Turkish coast (72 nautical miles south of Rhodes). The small town centre is a captivating group of cheerfully painted houses of extraordinary architecture, awe-inspiring churches, and picturesque alleys. Kastellorizo has a long history and a great maritime tradition. It was first inhabited in the early Neolithic Era.

It was named Megisti after Megisteas, its first settler, in ancient times. The island knew a thriving period in the late 19th century; in the early 20th century the population rose to almost 13,000. Later, most locals emigrated to Australia and Egypt, while others went to Palestine as refugees, after the Italian and German bombings. This lilluputian island barely covers an area of 9 square kilometres; it has a 19 km coastline, and a population of 500. It was integrated in Greece in 1948. There are ferries to Piraeus and Rhodes and flights to Rhodes.

The Village
Picturesque Kastellorizo village is the island’s only populated area. You will walk on cobblestone alleys, past traditional colourful mansions, wooden and iron balconies. It comprises two quarters: Pigadia and Chorafia. Taste katoumari and strava, the traditional sweets offered in local tavernas.

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