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Knidos Highlights in Gulf Of Gokova

Located in the Datca district of Mu?la, the ancient city of Knidos connects the Mediterranean and the Aegean. This art and culture city, which dates back centuries, is still appreciated by visitors today. It is located in the westernmost part of the Datca Peninsula and it is more logical to choose the sea route for transportation. Driving through rough roads increases the arrival time

Instead, you can rent a boat and explore never-before-seen places and enjoy this special ancient city. The Gulf of Gokova, which extends to the Datca Peninsula, is also an integrated region with the ancient city of Knidos. This gulf, which has a length of approximately 100 km, offers you the most beautiful and unique views during your boat trip.

Historical Points of Knidos

Located at the very edge of Datca, Knidos hosts many natural and historical beauties. Knidos Ancient City, based on a very deep-rooted past, is one of the places you can choose for cultural trips. You can see very important structures and old ruins in this ancient city. Since it is located on the peninsula, you must use the sea route to go here. There are many places you can visit in the ancient city of Knidos. Among the recommended and must-see places are; Doric Temple, Apollon Temple and Altar, Odeon, Dionysus Temple and Stoa, Parliament Building, Round Temple and Altar, Hillside Houses, Necropolis, Demeter Sanctuary, Kap Krio Peninsula.

It is a point you should add to your Datca – Knidos stop for private boat rentals. Thus, you can have a cultural holiday as well as a luxury holiday. You can get a rich holiday experience by visiting many places of Knidos on the same day.

Isolated Bays located in Gulf of Gokova

Datca Peninsula, one of the prominent points of Gokova, hosts thousands of tourists every year with its nature and historical texture. Especially those who visit Datca with boat rentals, the calm and peaceful bays of the Gokova, which they include in their routes, offer unique views. You can enjoy the sea and the sun to the fullest in these bays where you can take a break on your boat tour.

The 5 most beautiful bays in Gokova;

  • Kissebuku Bay
  • 7 Islands
  • Longoz Cove
  • Bordubet Bay
  • English Port

You can see these beautiful coves by taking a boat tour of Gokova Bay. You can add different activities to your holiday with swimming breaks, lunch and dinner breaks, and land tours that you can give at almost any point. There are many different places besides the ancient city of Knidos, which is one of the places you should see during your boat trip to the Gulf of Gokova. Gokova, where there are very close coves to each other, also has a sheltered structure.

Hidden Places in Gokova

Gokova Bay, which attracts many tourists every year, has a unique taste to visit this bay, especially with a boat tour. When it comes to places to visit in the Gulf of Gokova, Akyaka comes to mind first. It stands out with its natural beauties and is famous for its lush forests. Cleopatra Island and its beach are located 22 km southwest of Akyaka. It is famous for its ancient city ruins, golden sands, and deep blue sea.

In addition, the 7 Islands area is one of the most frequented spots for yachts. Bringing together the deep blue sea and the lush nature, the bay can be the address of those who want calmness and peace. You can easily contact us for Gokova gulf boat rental services.

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