Gulf Of Gokova; Datca Peninsula

Gulf Of Gokova; Datca Peninsula Gulf Of Gokova; Datca Peninsula

On the Aegean Sea like an extended finger pointing at the Greek island of Kos, the long, rugged Datca Peninsula boasts some of the most unspoiled scenery along Turkey's southwest coast, and the charming little town that has given the peninsula its name.

Place offers the perfect conditions for gulet guests seeking beautiful landscapes, good swimming beaches, and virgin bays. Datca stands on the southern shore of the peninsula, gazing back across the sea to the equally mountainous Loryma Peninsula, and to the Greek island of Symi.

Datca Peninsula, City, Bay and Travel

Ancient Datça

The history of the findings in the Datça peninsula goes back to 2000 B.C. Carians is the first known local people. It has had its most brilliant period during the Dorian period. They have come to the region through Greece by coming down over Thracia during 1000 B.C. They founded Knidos at Burgaz Area which is 1.5 kilometers northeast of the center of the current Datça.

Knidos has become the center of Dorian civilization. It has gone under the reign of Persians from Lydians in 546 B.C. This peninsula, which has lots of archeological remains, has hosted important civilizations throughout history. Knidos ancient city is the most important one among them. Remains of 28 churches in the peninsula belonging to the recent period. It also shows us that the area has also had mystic roots.

Knidos Datca Landscape

What to do in Datça

Datca is just large enough to be self-contained. The harbor attracts its fair share of visiting private gulet cruises and motor yachts, so naturally, there is a decent choice of pavement cafés and restaurants as well as a handful of light music bars for those who like to like to let the evenings linger a little longer.

During the day, the main attractive points are two beaches in town as Kumluk to the east and Taslik to the west, which is a mixture of coarse sand and pebbles. Just in from the western bay, there is also a shallow lake fed by warm mineral springs an appealing option for a swim especially in the early season when the sea is still warming up.

Datca offers access to some excellent walking terrain, with nearby mountainsides covered in pine forests, oak, carob, and citrus trees. Approximately 2 kilometers away from modern Datca, the crumbling village of Eskidatca (“Old Datca”) is definitely worth a visit, with its romantic maze of cobbled alleyways. A little further afield, there are a number of hidden coves, which can be explored by car or gulet yachts.

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Blue Flagged Beaches

Datça is the greatest feature is introduced into the sea from all over the peninsula from other holiday destinations, the same wherever you go clean, clear sea, you will find a quiet environment. All beaches are blue flag in the city center.

These beaches are Hastanealtı, Kumluk, Taşlık. The sandy beach is sand off the coast, due to lack of depth than is ideal for families with children. There are restaurants, cafes, tea gardens, hotels around the beaches. Beaches are close to each other in the city center. Eastward gone long coastline stretches for miles, Kızlanaltı, Gebekum, Perili köşk beaches are lined in a row, These beaches are covered with fossil sand. Karaincir, Aktur, Kovanlık, Hayıtbükü, Ovabükü, Palamutbükü are well-known beaches.

Transportation is very easy to reach the Datca peninsula from Dalaman Airport. Pass the small resort of Akyaka at the head of the beautiful Gulf of Gokova. You can organize your gulet cruises start point as Marmaris or Bodrum to visit this amazing peninsula. Datça is a place where you deserve to see during your blue voyage.

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