Secluded Stop Akyaka On Blue Voyage

Secluded Stop Akyaka On Blue Voyage Secluded Stop Akyaka On Blue Voyage

Akyaka is a coastal township in the Ula district of Mugla Province in southwestern, Turkey. The town is situated at the far end of the Gulf of Gökova, at the start of the fertile Gökova plain, and is a rising center for international tourism.

Akyaka is quite close to popular destination resorts, but it affects people with its peace and calm.

From Past To Present

The historical information belonging to Akyaka-Gokova is known from B.C. 2600. Today you can see the ruins from that time around Inisdibi and Kozlukuyu. The tombs from that time are just next to the street to Kozlukuyu from Akyaka. Around 300 meters above these tombs, the ruins from the acropolis of that ancient city can be seen. The ancient Idyma, located in the north of the modern-day Gokova village, is a relatively small Carian settlement. Akyaka’s architecture is one of the things the town is known for. The architecture here follows uniform construction regulations, whereby houses are built by combining modern architectural style with the former Ula houses style. The houses here have flowery and gardened double stairs with wooden balconies and overhanging roofs.

Gulet Charter Akyaka

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Akyaka is a very exotic place that has to be on your blue voyage route. Usually, gulet charter routes start from Bodrum, Marmaris or Fethiye. Akyaka is a lovely place that has to be added on your cruise way.

Unmissable Moments

Last a few years Akyaka beach become very popular for local tourists but the best way to visit this place by private yachts. If you feel the cold and freshwater deeply Akyaka offers you wonderful bays. Except virgin bays Akyaka also offers you natural beauties. You must visit the Azmak river during your stop. The Azmak River, know locally as “Azmak Nehri” or “Kadın Azmagi“, is a shaded green paradise with crystal clear icy cold waters. If you live in Metropol cities like most people, you’ll spend a lot of time around here. In the rıver green and blue covers, you and you feel your self passed from a gate to wonderlands. Strolling along the Azmak River is so pleasant. A meandering river, the shade of the trees, a riverside path passing riverside restaurants and picnic areas. This place is famed for its ducks and geese maybe you would like to share your bread with them.

Akyaka-Gokova Turkey

When you should visit Akyaka?

If you are not a fan of overtempt weather, the best time to visit Akyaka is from late June to early September because the weather is warm at this time of the year but in July and August temperatures show maximum degrees as 38-40 Celcius. That’s why during summer it is quite hot but the sea is calm and the sky is too clear hereby very useful for gulet charter. When you visit Akyaka any time of the season we believe that you leave from there with unforgettable memories.

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