Private Yacht Charter Fethiye & Boat Rental

Private Yacht Charter Fethiye & Boat Rental Private Yacht Charter Fethiye & Boat Rental

How about visiting the Mediterranean’s stunning coves via Fethiye yacht charter service? You should include the Blue Voyage concept and Fethiye’s quiet coves route into your holiday plan that you are going to set sail to your inner peace in the depths of turquoise waters for an extraordinary holiday.

By this way, you could discover the full potential of Fethiye’s coves and beaches. Fethiye is a city that is dazzling its visitors with its turquoise waters and green nature. A fully Mediterranean city with its climate; Fethiye is enjoying both domestic and foreign tourists every year. Ölüdeniz, which is one of the districts of Fethiye, is one of the first districts that spring to mind. Ölüdeniz is grabbing attention with its coves and finest beaches in the world. Yedi Burun is another special place in the region. It is not possible to reach this location composed of seven beautiful coves via roads.

Coves of Fethiye

The coves of Fethiye bring lots of sea lovers to the region. It is hard; sometimes impossible to reach, to the beautiful coves of Fethiye by roads. Due to this reason, Fethiye’s special yacht charter services are preferred in general. Another important spot that you would like to experience is Butterfly Valley while your benefiting from these services. Butterfly Valley is mesmerizing its visitors with its jazziness.

Kabak Bay is next to Butterfly Valley. With its crystal clear waters, this bay is an excellent spot to get the utmost enjoyment out of the Mediterranean. Gemiler Bay is conveniently situated across Gemiler Island, which is harboring churches of the Byzantine Era. Another spot that you would like to stop by is Katrancı, which is a must in your itinerary. There are no hotels or businesses around these famous bays. That being the case, these are all pristine bays. This bay located around 15 km to Fethiye is having the best features for camping.

Private Boat Rentals in Turkey

Göcek Yacht Charter

Göcek yacht charter is the best alternative that you might prefer to set out on a blue voyage. Bays of Fethiye Göcek is one of the most preferred routes by all domestic and foreign tourists throughout the season starting from April up to the end of October. Its nature and unspoiled bays are giving you a unique experience. Cleopatra Bay also known as Hamam Bay has a mystical atmosphere where history and nature intertwined.

There is a hot water spring that percolates through the remains of the Hamam (Turkish Bath). Legend says that this special water is the source of Cleopatra’s beauty. It is ideal for snorkeling and you might observe underwater life. This bay is famous for its harmony with trees and turquoise waters and hosting various restaurants offering the unique taste of Mediterranean kitchen. Ekincik Bay is preferred to spend the night in by boats, generously offering natural beauties with archaeological remains.

Gocek Yacht For Charter

Fethiye Göcek Bays and Yacht Charter Prices

Sarsala Bay is one of the most natural and adorable places in Göcek. Situated at around 15 km to Dalaman Center, Sarsala Bay is offering a unique enchantment with its crystalline waters, sea turtles, and fishes by bringing the deepest green tones of the forest forward. The warm and shallow sea of Sarsala never has waves. Thanks to this feature you might have a wonderful experience with your family and friends. You might also discover the remarkable coves of Yassıca Islands via blue voyage. Yassıca Islands are composed of many islands with miscellaneous dimensions and attract visitors with their natural beauty.

There is a natural pool at the edge of the region and this pool is well-known all around the world. Bedri Rahmi Cove which is also known as Taşkaya Cove is famous for its scenery, painting on the rock, olive trees, beach, and Lykia Rock Tombs. Fethiye might offer various alternatives with its sea tour providing new experiences. Yacht charter prices in Fethiye is varying widely depending on these alternatives. Besides that; the Göcek Yacht charter, which is allowing you to discover Göcek and its hidden treasures, is offering different alternatives with varying price options.

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