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Ideal Yacht Chartering For Families

Blue cruise holidays are among the most ideal choices for families who decide to spend their summer vacation together. Having the opportunity to visit the unique coves of the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts with these trips allows you to witness the natural beauties even more closely.

You can add the unique bays of your dreams to your route for your holidays with a gulet or motor yacht, and enjoy the sea and the sun during the summer. The dazzling Aegean and Mediterranean bays with their unique beaches, clear waters, and green forests can be visited by boat rental method. The most ideal gulets and yachts for cruises that you can start from the location you want make these cruises unique.

Ideal Yacht Chartering For Families

How to Choose Ideal Gulet Yacht For My Family?

Blue voyage holidays, which are an effective option for you to be alone with your family and to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun, allow you to enjoy the summer holiday together. After deciding on the most ideal yacht which is suitable for your children and relatives in your family from our wide yacht fleet, you can start to wait for the day of your cruise.

When choosing a yacht, you can evaluate various options depending on the number of people, the number of children, and, if any, special circumstances. Yachts may vary in size (length and beam), cabin numbers, bed types (double, twin, or triple), multimedia devices, and equipment for water sports services.

We recommend gulet yachts which are most suitable for elementary or large families.


Luxury gulet yacht Optimist has 24 meters length and 6 meters beam. She has 4 cabins and able to accommodate up to 8 guests. Gulet Optimist ideal for elementary families with her two master two double bed cabins. She provides you waterski, Ringo, canoe, and snorkeling as watersports activity. Wi-fi is available onboard 7/24 up to 15-20 gigabytes. The charter price of Gulet Optimist is between 1100 Euro – 1600 Euro for the 2021 summer season.

Gulet Yacht Optimist


Deluxe gulet yacht Atalante is kind of traditional classic gulet yacht of Bodrum. She has 24 meters in length and 6 meters of beam. She provides up to 8 guests with her comfortable two double bed and two twin bed cabins. Waterski, Ringo, canoe, and snorkel gears available on the yacht. There is a large dining table on the aft deck for family dinners and sunbeds on the foredeck. Gulet Atalante has multimedia devices and an available wi-fi connection on board. The charter price of Atalante is between 1200 Euro – 2200 Euro for the 2021 summer season.

Gulet Yacht Atalante

White Rose

Deluxe gulet yacht White Rose takes her name from her based color. She is pretty on blue waters with her shape and color. White Rose has 26 meters in length and 6 meters beam. She can accept 8 guests onboard. There are one master cabin and three double bed cabins well decorated and with an air condition system. White Rose provides her guest waterski, Ringo, canoe, snorkel gears as an activity onboard. The charter price of White Rose is between 1300 Euro – 1950 Euro for the 2021 summer season.
Gulet White Rose

Grande Lale

Standard gulet yacht Grande Lale is a kind of sailing performance gulet. Her body and shape are very useful for making sailing with the wind. She has 26 meters in length and 6 meters beam. There are three double and three twin bed cabins with an air condition system. Families or friend groups can prefer this sport yacht. You can enjoy with Canoe and diving snorkel gears at sea. The charter price of Gulet Grande Lale is between 1000 Euro – 1500 Euro for the 2021 summer season.

Gulet Yacht Grande Lale

E.Arda Deniz

Luxury gulet yacht E. Arda Deniz can suit large families. She has 31 meters in length and 8 meters beam. There are six double bed cabins in E. Arda Deniz and accommodation is possible for up to 12 guests. E. Arda Deniz has canoe, snorkel gears, and basic fishing equipment for entertainment. You can use a wi-fi connection and multı media devices in your free time. The charter price of Gulet E. Arda Deniz is between 1250 Euro – 2000 Euro for the 2021 summer season.

Gulet Yacht E.Arda Deniz

Enderim A.

Luxury gulet yacht Enderm A. recommended yacht for large families with single teenage and friends group. There are two master and 4 twin cabins in her. Up to 12 guests can accommodate in Enderim A. luxurious, well-decorated cabins. She has 29 meters in length and 7 meters beam. Waterski, Ringo, canoe, and snorkel gears for enjoying the sea better. Multimedia devices and qi-fi connections are the other entertainment options onboard. The charter price of Gulet Emderim A. is between 1800 Euro – 2700 Euro for the 2021 summer season.

Gulet Yacht Enderim A

You can find more yacht alternatives and detailed information on our website. As Guletbookers Family, we wish you a wonderful Blue Cruise. You can reach us at any time and ask for support to plan your private yacht chartering.

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