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Can Boat Rentals Offer a Relaxing Holiday?

When we say vacation, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is resting, enjoying, and having fun. But sometimes it can be difficult to do all of these at the same time. Holidays to relax can become more tiring. It is possible to have a truly relaxing holiday with a Private Boat charter.

You can both spend full time with the opportunities offered by the boats you prefer, and evaluate your holiday by resting completely with personalized services.

What awaits you on the first day in a boat?

When you charter a boat for any route, the first day is the embarkation day. In the afternoon, your boat is ready and waiting for you. A program with the most special bays can be made with the captain. While you explore the boat and settle into your cabins, the boat crew makes the final preparations for departure and takes action in a short time. On the first day, a nice swimming break is given by moving to the nearest bay after the embarkation. After swimming pleasure, dinner is prepared and served here or by moving to another suitable bay. You can spend the night in this bay where you anchor, and the next morning have your breakfast with a different view.

On the first day of your boat rental holiday, you can relieve your tiredness in the cool blue waters. You can spend a fun evening with your loved ones accompanied by delicious food. After dinner, you can either fall asleep with the tiredness of the first day or enjoy the view by chatting under the stars.

Can Boat Rentals Offer a Relaxing Holiday?

Water sports and trekking pleasure on the bays and islands

With the facilities on the boat, the boat crew can help you with the activities you can do. You can take a small canoe ride in the calm waters in the morning or start the day energetically by swimming in the cool waters. You can take a break in the most beautiful bays that your captain will recommend to you. You can go to the shores that are suitable for walking and take nature photos with small walks here.

If you like any point, you can spend a long time there with the advice of the captain. The chef of the yacht will prepare the food and services according to your time preferences. During this time, you can either enjoy the silence and peace or enjoy the sea with your loved ones. Before lunch and dinner, you can try the water sports offered by your boat, or you can take a book that you have never had time to read, with you then lay down for sunbathing. You can explore various bays during the day and cool off in these coves with small breaks.

Food & Drinnks

You will have plenty of time to relax

Weekly private boat rentals primarily aim to relax away from the crowd. This expectation will pay off in the first few days. However, you can add unique experiences to your holiday by doing different activities on the following days. By going ashore at various points, you can participate in some land tour activities and have the chance to try unique and fun activities. Depending on your route, visiting ancient cities, small towns and villages will be a different experience. If you want, you can relax on your boat with the peace of the bright sun and the deep blue sea.

Breakfast and meals on the boat are prepared and served upon your request. There is no obligation to stick to a timetable for this. You can eat your meals whenever you want. You will quickly discover that even this is quite relaxing. You can consider exploring different coves before and after the meal. You can get ready for lunch after sunbathing after swimming pleasure. After lunch, you can try to do various water sports that your boat offers you.

Enjoy the different views every day

Even though the last days of your holiday are coming, you feel like the first day. Within your route, your boat will anchor against a different view every day and these natural beauties will continue to surprise you. While those who like to wake up early enjoy the view with their coffee and tea in the first light of the day, you will realize that the peace you feel while watching the sunset in the evening is very different.

If your purpose is to relax during your 1-week holiday, boat rental services can be a very good alternative for you. In this regard, you can rely on our experience and customer satisfaction-based services. You can choose the most suitable yacht for your budget, wishes, and needs among yachts of different capacities and features, and you can contact us for detailed information.

Artemis 1 & Smyrna Gulet

Artemis 1 and Smyrna gulet options that can accompany you on your holiday this summer are quite luxurious and comfortable. With a length of 30 meters, Gulet Yacht Smyrna offers you a very large area on the boat. With a total of 4 cabins, it provides a comfortable stay for up to 8 people. An air conditioning system is available in all cabins and saloon. You can also have fun with various water activities such as wakeboarding, water skiing, Ringo, and canoeing as water sports.

Gulet Yacht Artemis 1 with a length of 24 meters offers accommodation for up to 8 people. Each cabin has air conditioning and a private bathroom. Its 2 master and 2 twin bedded cabins offer a comfortable space. Artemis1 offers you pleasant moments with its water sports activities. It offers fun moments with alternatives such as canoe, water ski, and Ringo.

You can contact us 24/7 for more boat options and detailed information about your holiday plans. As Guletbookers, we wish you a nice summer holiday.

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