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Irresistible Yacht Charter Deals for Summer Vacation

We're on the brink of the new blue voyage season, and here at Guletbookers, we're eager to open the doors to these sunny lands for you. It's finally time to announce the innovations we will offer to sea lovers!

Firstly, by expanding our fleet of luxury motor yachts and gulets, we aim to offer more choices and freedom. The crystal waters of Croatia, the enchanting beauty of the Greek Islands, and the serene bays of Turkey are now even closer to you. As we celebrate our leadership in the yacht rental sector for another year, we offer generous discounts and early booking advantages, especially for the New Year, to our valued guests. You can take advantage of these opportunities immediately by contacting our private yacht charter specialist and taking the first step to an unforgettable blue voyage. So, what stops await you on this journey? Here are a few suggestions from us:

Incredible blue tones will bring you the tranquility you seek.

Centers of Attraction in Croatia


By renting a motor yacht or gulet to explore Dubrovnik and its surrounding islands, you can freely determine your own route and stay as long as you want in the places of your choice. This flexibility provides special access to the places you want to explore and offers a calm blue tour away from the crowds. There are many islets near Dubrovnik that are only accessible by sea. On these islands, you can discover untouched natural beauty and quiet beaches.

Especially places like the Elaphiti Islands, which offer stops that are easily accessible by motor yacht or private gulet and are away from tourist density. Yacht rental is an exclusive experience designed for you and your loved ones from start to finish. A professional crew and gourmet chef will take care of every detail while you enjoy your holiday. Additionally, water sports services, diving tours, wellness services like massages, and many more special activities can be arranged upon request. Dubrovnik is famous for its rich history and magnificent architecture.

With your gulet or private yacht, you can easily access the city’s historic walls and old town and dine against the backdrop of the Adriatic’s stunning sunset views. Dubrovnik and its surroundings offer unique vistas for photography enthusiasts. From your yacht, you can photograph the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea, green islands, and historic city views. With a private yacht, you can discover the hidden coves and private beaches around Dubrovnik, enjoying the sea and sun away from the crowds. Modern boats and luxury motor yachts offer a privileged and personally tailored accommodation experience.

In your floating villa, you can have all the modern comforts and spend a first-class summer holiday by the sea. Renting a yacht around Dubrovnik certainly offers more than an ordinary vacation. This unique experience presents the perfect opportunity to explore the enchanting beauties of the Adriatic Sea, experience historical and cultural richness, and enjoy a luxury holiday. This historic city, known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, awaits you with its magnificent walls and medieval texture.


Those who choose the Hvar route on their yacht rental holiday will experience the privilege of exploring one of the most popular islands in the Adriatic Sea. Renting a motor yacht to travel around Hvar offers a free and unique holiday experience with the many advantages this beautiful island offers. Renting a yacht to explore Hvar and the surrounding islands provides the freedom to go where you want and stay as long as you wish. This gives you the chance to discover the island’s hidden coves, calm beaches, and less popular beauty spots. Many special beaches and coves around Hvar are only accessible by sea.

With your motor yacht, you can access the untouched beauties of the region, swimming in your own piece of sea away from crowded beaches. A modern gulet or motor yacht offers comfortable cabins, sunbathing areas on deck, and various entertainment facilities. Throughout your journey, you can also experience the comfort of your home in the middle of the sea. You can find many delicious local dishes in Hvar and the surrounding islands, especially seafood. Your yacht’s chef can prepare delicious meals with fresh ingredients from the region, or you can dine in the popular restaurants on the island.

Near Hvar, there are many small islands and historic sites waiting to be explored. The Pakleni Islands, with their beautiful bays and clear waters, are among the places that must be seen. Hvar is known for its historical and cultural richness. From your yacht, you can land on the island to explore historical structures, art galleries, and vibrant nightlife. The natural beauties of the island offer unique frames for photography enthusiasts. Additionally, you can take nature walks in the inland areas of the island, discovering the Mediterranean flora and landscapes. Hvar is an excellent destination to explore with a yacht.

Alongside luxury and comfort, it promises a holiday filled with natural beauties, cultural richness, and gastronomic experiences. Therefore, those planning to visit Hvar in the summer of 2024 will find many privileges in enjoying this unique island by renting a yacht. Hvar Island, famous for its dazzling beaches, vibrant nightlife, and lavender gardens, should be on every sea lover’s route.

Historical Beauties of the Greek Islands


By renting a motor yacht or gulet, you can go to Santorini and the surrounding islands whenever you want and stay as long as you like. You can draw your own route, discovering special coves and hidden beaches away from the crowds. Many special coves and beaches around Santorini are only accessible by sea. With your yacht, you can reach the hidden beauties of the region, enjoying a sea experience away from crowded beaches. Your yacht offers a luxury accommodation experience. Equipped with modern and comfortable cabins, wide sunbathing areas, and top-level services, you can have all sorts of modern comforts in the middle of the sea. Greece, and especially Santorini, is famous for its rich and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. You can have the chance to taste the local flavors of the island, including fresh seafood, olive oil dishes, and traditional Greek desserts. The volcanic rock formations, whitewashed houses, and blue-domed churches of Santorini are among the world’s most iconic landscapes. From your yacht, you can gaze at these unique beauties of the island and take unforgettable photos. Santorini is known for its rich history and cultural structure. You can visit the island’s archaeological sites, museums, and historic churches, discovering the lifestyle and traditions of the local people. Santorini is known for its unique sunset views and romantic atmosphere. On your yacht, you can enjoy this romantic atmosphere with your loved ones, spending a peaceful holiday. Santorini, famous for its volcanic beaches, unique sunset views, and whitewashed houses, is the ideal address for a romantic getaway, especially for honeymoon holidays.

A light breakfast with a view of the Mediterranean will set the tone for the day.


Those who choose the Mykonos route for their private yacht charter holiday will have a unique Mediterranean experience. By renting a motor yacht or gulet, you can navigate the crystal-clear waters of Mykonos, freely accessing the island’s hidden coves and private beaches and experiencing the island’s famously lively nightlife and luxury beach clubs. In addition, you can taste the rich Mediterranean cuisine of Mykonos, including seafood, fresh meze varieties, and local wines, in the comfortable environment of your yacht or in the chic restaurants of the island. Mykonos, deeply immersed in the Mediterranean lifestyle, offers an ideal environment for those seeking both relaxation and fun. Entertainment and luxury meet in Mykonos, with crazy beach parties and gourmet restaurants waiting for you. And all these opportunities are combined with the comfort of your charter yacht. The result is wonderful!

Peaceful Bays of Turkey

In Bozburun, one of Turkey’s hidden paradises, you can experience a peaceful and authentic blue voyage. With traditional gulets masterfully produced in local shipyards, you can explore the turquoise blue waters, calm bays, and pristine nature of Bozburun and its surroundings, experiencing the rich culture and delicious Aegean cuisine of the region. This journey offers a unique opportunity for those seeking a special and peaceful holiday away from the stress of daily life, immersed in the sea and nature. The lush nature and azure waters of Bozburun promise a secluded and peaceful blue voyage, away from prying eyes.

Grilled octopus is one of the most delicious dishes in Mediterranean cuisine.


Those who choose the world-famous Bodrum will experience an incomparable blue voyage in the pearl of the Aegean, with luxury motor yachts produced in local shipyards. Bodrum’s historical beauties, ancient city ruins submerged in blue, unique bays, and lively nightlife are all part of this special yacht rental experience. Motor yachts that offer luxury and comfort together provide a sea journey filled with historical discoveries and natural wonders during the day and easy access to Bodrum’s famous entertainments in the evening, promising a holiday where you can reach the peaks of both relaxation and fun. Bodrum is a unique destination where you can enjoy historical and cultural richness along with modern luxury and entertainment.

If you haven’t forgotten your sunscreen, we are ready! At Guletbookers, we aim to offer not just a yacht rental service but also a holiday opportunity where you can gather safe and fun memories in these unique seas. Now, contact our yacht charter experts to explore these beautiful destinations and take one step closer to your blue-colored dreams with our special offers prepared for you!

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Gulet That’s Amore
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Gulet Rigel
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Gulet White Soul
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