Bozburun Luxury Yacht Charter Guide: The Hidden Pearl of Bozburun

Bozburun Luxury Yacht Charter Guide: The Hidden Pearl of Bozburun Bozburun Luxury Yacht Charter Guide: The Hidden Pearl of Bozburun

Turkey is the most preferred country for those who do not want to miss the sunny weather but are also interested in its extraordinary natural beauties, clean seas, and quiet bays. Bozburun and its surroundings may be the right choice for a luxury yacht charter in a quieter area away from the city during the summer season.

Bozburun is a district of Marmaris province. Although the most important livelihood of this region was fishing in the past, nowadays she has become a shining star of tourism and, accordingly, gulet yacht manufacturing, which is valuable workmanship almost lost to obscurity passed on from father to son.

When it comes to gulet-type yachts, classic wooden boats come to mind immediately. In the winter season, brand new gulets are completed at the shipyards in Bozburun and prepared for a blue cruise on the sea for the new summer season.

Resembling a small seaside town, this area has many luxurious restaurants, hotels, and yacht clubs. If you choose Bozburun as the starting port of your yacht charter holiday, you can stay in these hotels for at least 1 night and visit the surroundings as well as make a reservation for restaurants, most of which are located by the sea.

Bozburun Luxury Yacht Charter Guide

Bozburun Yacht Club started to serve in 2019. The yacht club, which also has accommodation facilities, has comfortable, clean rooms and a restaurant that offers gourmet delicacies and makes you say that every time you leave, ”we are glad we came, we must come again”. The club, which stands out with its library and internet access, can meet all the needs of sea lovers.

Bozburun Peninsula

Bozburun is separated from the peninsulas in Turkey, owing to her bays. The reason for this is that she remains uncharted and untouched. The captains planning their blue cruise private yacht charter routes, especially from the bays on this peninsula. We have compiled a few of these bays for you:

Bozukkale Bay

Bozukkale (Loryma Ancient City) is one of the most popular destinations with the cleanest sea on the peninsula. Another feature of this city is that she has a great history in terms of archeology. You can photograph a magnificent sunset with the castle view of the Loryma period over the flybridge on the gulet yacht you have chartered. Suitable for those who want to swim in the deep blue sea, the bottom consists of sand and pebble.

Bozukkale Bay

Aquarium Cove

When a route is created on the Bozburun peninsula, Aquarium Bay is among the selected bays with its cleanliness and calm clear waters. The seawater is a bit cool and refreshing, but snorkeling can make you happy in these aquarium-clear waters, just like she’s named. Spending time in this bay with its scenic nature will be enjoyed by all family members or friends.

Dirsekbükü Bay

It is one of the most popular coves in Bozburun as the next stop for yacht charter, with its turquoise sea and the mesmerizing sea creatures that can be seen even from the surface of the sea without using a snorkel. Due to the nature of the mountains, the sea is calm and the wind is negligible. Vacationers on the blue cruise can enjoy the sea by diving or paddle boarding in the lush tree view. Here, there is a restaurant and a market for you to arrange your needs on the boat. You should include among your holiday plans a wonderful dinner on land, in a peaceful environment, and If you have the option of freshly caught fish and seafood in the vicinity, which is always a splendid selection in Bozburun, you should add it to your list.

Our Charter Specialists Choice: Gulet S Nur Taylan

With a length of 34 meters, S Nur Taylan offers more space and options than would be on a much larger boat. Although she was built in 2012, was renovated in 2017 to provide better quality service. The gulet has a total capacity of 16 passengers; she has 8 cabins in total, with 6 double and 2 triple cabins. Each of the cabins has been carefully crafted with quality materials to offer the highest level of accommodation and comfort on the sea.

Luxury Gulet S Nur Taylan

Each cabin of S Nur Taylan, which has a crew of 5 people, has air conditioning, a shower unit, a hair dryer, and amenities. It also offers its guests the privilege of a private jacuzzi on its deck. Jacuzzi and flybridge options, which are not available in many classical gulets, are just a few of the main reasons behind S Nur Taylan being among the best yachts to charter for a blue cruise.

If you have embarked on a blue cruise with S Nur Taylan, extensive water sports equipment will also be at your service. You can experience fun and adrenaline-filled moments on the sea with Waterski, Ringo, and Wakeboard options. You can prefer to fish with a fishing tackle to clear your mind. Or you can snorkel and see the mesmerizing sea creatures under the water up close.

S Nur Taylan and her crew are available for hire this summer for blue voyages in the Mediterranean Sea. She is currently taking reservations for private yacht charters in Turkey for the summer of 2023.

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