Gulets with Jacuzzi

Gulets with Jacuzzi Gulets with Jacuzzi

You are looking for the most relaxing gulet cruise of your dreams, so add a special sparkle to it. Choose the luxurious gulet with a decktop Jacuzzi, to give the very essence of spoiling yourself and your friends with some glorious froth and bubble!

Imagine, you can enjoy the the fabulous view of a bay, or a sunset view over the sea all the while being pleasantly massaged in your own Jacuzzi. Lean back and relax. The gulet crew will bring the drinks or snacks on request, everything is at hand. You don’t have to organise anything, only ask for your Jacuzzi to be made ready.

Romance under the moon and stars. Add that special sparkle of a Jucuzzi to your private cruise under the stars or under the full moon, just for you two, just for those sweet memories. Friends gather around! The Jacuzzi will be the hot spot for an evening party on the luxury gulets, adding that splash of luxury for your great group of friends to gather around.

Search our list of gulets below for a deck Jacuzzi and you will like what you see. Add that Jacuzzi to your wish list.

30 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 8.750 / per week

30 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 8.750 / per week

25 Meter 4 Cabins 8 Guest

From € 9.100 / per week

Gulet Yacht Perdue

Turkish Coast
23 Meter 3 Cabins 6 Guest

From € 10.500 / per week

34 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 14.000 / per week

33 Meter 5 Cabins 10 Guest

From € 14.000 / per week

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