How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Yacht in Croatia

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Yacht in Croatia How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Yacht in Croatia

Using the advantage of being a coastal country, Croatia is quite developed in sea tourism. The country, which has a long coastline, is also indispensable for yacht charters holiday routes. With its natural and historical beauties and its unique nature worth seeing, it has become one of the preferred regions for holidays.

When you visit the country, you can enjoy a unique holiday experience in these regions, with the privilege of Guletbookers, with Croatia yacht charter services at affordable conditions, and enjoy the natural beauties of Croatia.

Unique Locations to Visit by Hire a Yacht

The country, which has a long coast, offers many regions to visit and see. Before you learn about Croatian yacht charter prices, it is useful to have information about these regions. Dubrovnik, known as the pearl of the Adriatic, offers many historical artifacts reflecting the spirit of the Middle Ages. The natural beauties of the city, on the other hand, are diversified with many flower gardens, islands, and beaches.

Another city that was protected by UNESCO in 1979 with the influence of the Dieklotianus Palace is Split. City; It fascinates visitors with its beauties such as islands, hills, and ports. Sibenik, another historical city that can be visited with a yacht charter in Croatia; st. Jacob’s Cathedral and its 240 scenic islands attract visitors. Another coastal city, Zadar, is one of the oldest cities in the country. Croatia yacht rental prices show that an unforgettable holiday in this region does not require big budgets. Another destination on the coast that you can visit on your route is Kvarner, which stands out with its islands. Istria, which is located west side of other regions, has cities rich in natural beauties such as Pula, Porenç, and Rovin.

What Are the Suitable Yacht Charter Routes in Croatia?

In order to experience all these beauties, you can choose a route with your yacht that you will hire with Guletbookers quality, so you can enjoy your holiday as you wish. Private yacht charter in Croatia can be made in three types as daily, one-way, and round trip. However, for a more enjoyable holiday, weekly one-way or round trip Croatia sailing gulet yacht charter are preferred. Among the one-way routes, Split-Dubrovnik or Dubrovnik-Split routes are frequently preferred.

Charters between these two routes usually take 7 nights and 8 days. In this process, you can enjoy natural beauties such as tangerine groves, Mljet island, the historical city Korcula, Brac, known as the stone and wind island, and Solta, which has rich coves. Hvar Island, which houses the Tvrdalj Palace, historical sites such as the historical city Korcula, Dieklotianus Palace, and many structures that have entered the UNESCO heritage can be seen. As the arrival-departure route, the same cities come to the fore, and trips to these areas are usually organized with slightly different programs compared to the one-way route. The route preference can be decisive on the Croatia gulet cruise cost in some cases.

Which factors affect yacht charter prices?

First of all, destinations and route selections can be effective in costs. Yacht owners or agents in locations can generally follow different strategies on Croatia daily yacht charter rates. Yachts offer in Croatia have different services, features, and equipment. These features directly affect the prices. In addition, the cost of the yachts, such as the year of construction, the number of cabins, and the length of the yachts are among the determining factors. It is possible to browse the categories to get more tips.

Yachts are classified according to the services they provide as economic, standard, luxury, deluxe, ultra-luxury, and VIP. Economic yachts are generally equipped with equipment that can offer you a service in normal yacht life. This situation is very different for a boat in the VIP category. A boat in the VIP gulet category can give you the feeling of staying in a 5-star hotel. In addition, factors such as the number of cabins, the number of people it can host, its length and width may be different in yachts in the same category, and these factors may also affect the rental fees.

The answer to the question of how much is the weekly yacht charter cost in Croatia, where long route voyages are organized, can usually be answered based on the daily price. You can step into the ultimate cruise experience by comparing these factors to find the most suitable yacht for you. You can also benefit from boat rental services through Guletbookers and enjoy your holiday!

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