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Gulet Cruise in Croatia : Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik

Gulet Cruise in Croatia : Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik

7 Nights Dubrovnik Yacht Charter Itinerary

Destination: Dubrovnik
Duration: 7 Nights
Departs From: Dubrovnik Port


The crown jewel of the Croatian Adriatic is the city of Dubrovnik, studded with mediaeval walls that you simply must not bypass during your navigation of the Croatian south. However the exploration of the beauty of these waters is just the beginning, because part of Dubrovnik’s heritage is located on the neighbouring Elaphite Islands which lead you to the Mljet National Park, mediaeval Korcula and the Peljesac peninsula which we could call the holy land of Croatian winemaking. In the open sea the island and nature park of Lastovo awaits you – the most remote inhabited Croatian island. An excellent idea for guests who hire vessels in order to visit the Southern Adriatic is that they extend the sailing with a stay on land in Dubrovnik which is worth experiencing from within. For visitors coming by sea, the marina in Komolac or mooring in Gruž are good options for a stay in the city.


Situated on the island of the same name, Mljet National Park is the most important protected area of south Dalmatia. It includes the western wooded part of the island of Mljet, which is significant for its extremely rich Mediterranean vegetation and cultural heritage. The park is famous for two deep bays which, due to their extremely narrow links with the sea, are regarded as and indeed named as such: the Great Lake and the Small Lake.

The Mljet National Park, the green beauty covered with thick pine forests with numerous well-protected coves on the northern coast of the island of which some such as Prožura are reminiscent of ponds. Due to frequent attacks by pirates throughout history Mljet is unique amongst the inhabited Croatian islands as it has no developed little towns on its coast, which in no way detracts from its charm. Besides a visit to the national park you can also enjoy the sandy beaches in the southern part of the island and the unbelievably beautiful coves on its south-west coast.


About the time that Marco Polo set sail for terra incognita, his hometown began to develop into a kind of urban sculpture built of stone with regular lines. That sculpture remains well preserved to this day. The streets of Korcula were carefully laid out by a local builder who was also an ingenious town planner. The streets are based on a fishbone pattern and are a true blessing in the summer. Although they bask in the golden glow of the sun both morning and afternoon, the heat of the midday sun is directed around them. If you want to experience the atmosphere of Korcula, may the good winds bring you here in July, when the city plays host to the International Festival of Song and Wine, celebrating the famous traveller, the Festival of Chivalry and the traditional sword dances performed in original costumes dating from the 16th century. The dances depict the struggle between the white king and the black king.


The following destination that boaters like to visit, and also linked to the journey towards Korcula is the peninsula of Pelješac – a real Croatian mini-continent, where the most popular mooring sites are Orebic and Lovište. The town of Orebic – renowned centre of maritime affairs in the 18th century – is a popular site for visiting art historians. Pelješac can be classed the whole remaining part of Pelješac as one huge hidden route, a landscape of authentic beauty and unimagined possibilities for enjoying the interior of this island, firstly the numerous high quality, world renowned, local wines. The town of Trpanj which from the north-west side of the island offers organised berths, and across from here is the mouth of the River Neretva, yet one more Croatian coastal pearl. On the other side of the island is located the so-called Boka Falsa, between the Elaphites and Ston, where you will enjoy a peaceful berth and solitude, with Dubrovnik in the immediate vicinity. Many also skip the southern coast of Pelješac that offers beautiful coves with pebble beaches and small island villages with good mooring spots nearby.

Sipan & Lopud
Sipan & Lopud

The magical Elaphite islands – Šipan, Lopud and Kolocep, scattered like pearls in the azure of the sea. Named Elaphite islands after the Latin word Elaphos for deer, this archipelago, which used to be the habitat of this noble wild game, concentrates all the qualities of the untouched Mediterranean, featuring subtropical vegetation, expansive pine tree forests and olive groves, all surrounded by amazing sandy beaches.

The Islands gravitates towards Dubrovnik with several excellent anchoring and mooring sites, such as Šipan with a great culinary choice, as well as one unique quality – it is the island with the largest number of olive trees per square metre and lush vegetation thanks to the sources of water on the island.

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