Croatia Yacht Charter Routes

Croatia Yacht Charter Routes Croatia Yacht Charter Routes

Croatia and the shores of Croatia stretch out to the Adriatic Sea as one of the intersection points of Central Europe, Balkans, and Mediterranean and known as the pearl of the Adriatic. Its unique architecture, mystical medieval breeze, golden color sandy beaches, Mediterranean climate, and coastline stretching at full length make Croatia a wonderful place to visit.

Its coasts favorable for blue cruise make the region one of the best locations for a yacht holiday. At the same time this country, conveniently located in the Balkans, offers a unique alternative for sea lovers who want to spend a holiday abroad. You might attend colorful festivals organized in the region by planning your Croatia gulet cruise in the summer months. Historical ruins in the region, cultural fabric, natural beauties, and unique national food appeal to taste buds of all kinds of tourist profiles. Croatia is one of the destinations frequently preferred by tourists that would like to have a mystical summer by benefiting yacht booking services of Croatia.

Dalmatian Shores; A Good Alternative for a Holiday Abroad

Dubrovnik and Hvar are extremely popular in recent years situated at Dalmatian Shores. There are numerous places to visit in Vis and Span regions as well. You might discover these shores by sailing a little bit to the north in these mystical waters. Shores of Dalmatia offer wonderful bays and thousands of islands. You might enjoy the sea and nature fully in these isolated coves. You might also watch an unforgettable sunset on the shores of Montenegro.

Motor Yacht for Charter in Dalmatian Islands

At the same time, you might enjoy a delicious dinner accompanied by splendid scenery on your private yacht. The very next day you might get down to Krka Waterfalls. These waterfalls are one of the only touristic spots located in the region. It is forbidden to enter this region by boat; companies that rent yachts organize mini-tours to waterfalls with a guide. You might watch the sunset in the bars of Buza located at the hills of Dubrovnik. Dalmatian Shores is one of the best alternatives for the people that would like to draw away from the Aegean and head towards Europe.

Unique Beauties of Croatia

Croatia, housed cast and crew members of Game of Thrones, provides a unique destination for an unforgettable holiday experience on both the sea and land having numerous alternatives. Tourists that put yacht charter options to good use might cruise around islands. This region hosts around 100 islands. Each island in the region has a distinctive texture and beauty. On these islands, you might have a vacation that is either full of entertainment or serenity.

It completely depends on you. While these islands are offering a unique combination of blue and green, the long coastline complemented by clear waters creates a captivating atmosphere. In this atmosphere, you might discover Dubrovnik’s antique and legendary beauty. You might have unique experiences in the capital city Zagreb, or attend crazy parties and festivals in Pag Island. You could climb Paklenica Mountains and visit Diocletian Palace in Split.

Trip to Croatia via Blue Cruise

Trip to Croatia via Blue Cruise

You have unlimited options if you would like to spend a calm and exciting summer in Croatia. By appraising these options you might experience calmness on the sea in the coves of Croatia. Blue Cruise is offering you numerous alternatives for this purpose. Having a green or maroon passport is enough for you to enter Croatia without a visa. Besides, you could see the breathtaking beauty of the country via Croatia gulet cruises. You might travel towards Split by starting your tour from Dubrovnik or Montenegro, or you might complete your tour by traveling towards the opposite direction in this Blue Cruise.

You can have a comfortable vacation by taking advantage of the options offered at Blue Cruise. Travel to Greece from the Aegean Islands and benefit from the opportunities of an overseas vacation plan this experience is according to your budget and the time you want to spend. Spend the holiday of a lifetime on the blue route created for you by the booking agency. You can cheque out the yacht charter options to have an experience you will never forget and soak up the atmosphere.

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