Highlights of Sbenik Croatia and More

Highlights of Sbenik Croatia and More Highlights of Sbenik Croatia and More

Sibenik, located on the Dalmatian coast in the north of Croatia, is a small city and impresses with its beauty. Croatia is a very popular destination for boat rentals. The region, which is one of the most touristic places in the Mediterranean Region, stands out with its many natural islands and bays

It is a highly preferred point, especially in terms of yacht charter services. In addition, the Cathedral of Saint James, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is located here, and Sibenik stands out with this feature.

Historical Texture of City

Many places can be preferred to visit in Sibenik, which has a very old history. In addition to its historical texture, it offers suitable spots for your holiday plan, both culturally and recreationally, with its natural beauties and coasts. The city of Sibenik is located on the banks of the Krka River, where there are many waterfalls in the Krka national park. Some of the places to visit in Sibenik, Croatia;

  • Sibenik Cathedral
  • St. Francis Church
  • St. John’s Church
  • Burial Place of Denis and Ivan Mestrovic
  • St. Michael’s Castle
  • Aquapark Solaris
  • Count’s Palace
  • Dalmatian Ethno Village
  • Church of St. Barbara is such a place that offers you cultural experiences.

Sibenik Croatia View

We recommend you to see some of the places listed above for your private boat rentals at your Sibenik stop. Sibenik city of Croatia, which has a coast on the Mediterranean, is the third-largest city in Dalmatia. In addition, the old town hall in this region also attracts the attention of tourists.

You can find the opportunity to visit both the coasts and the coastal cities of your choice during your holiday with a private boat rental. With the modern services and services offered by the boats, you can discover the natural beauties and landscapes of the Croatian coast most special.

Other Destinations in Croatia

Croatia is one of the European cities that has preserved its historical texture. These cities make your holiday more enjoyable with their beautiful structures. Other popular cities in Croatia include places such as Zagreb, Split, and Dubrovnik.

Zagreb: It is the capital of Croatia and is located beside the Sava River. Gornji Grad, Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury, Mestrovic Gallery, and St. Catherine’s Church are the most famous places to visit in this city.

Split: The largest city in Dalmatia, Split is located between Kastela Bay and the Split Canal. St. Duje Cathedral, Grgur Ninski Statue, Riva Beach, and Marjan Hill are the places to be seen.

Dubrovnik: Dubrovnik, the port city of Croatia, attracts a lot of attention from a touristic point of view. Loggia Square, Lovrijenac Castle, and Church of the St. Savior are the places you should see.

Rovinj: It is located on the Adriatic Sea and is a famous port city. You should see St. Euphemia Cathedral, Balbi Arch, and Brijuni National Park.

Private Boat Charters in Croatia

Having a coast on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is a developed region in terms of tourism. For a pleasant, quiet, and peaceful holiday, you can visit many cities in Croatia with private boat rentals. You can enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio as well as the culture and history offered by the cities that have a coast to the sea. Croatia can offer a wide variety of yachts for boat charters. You can seriously spend your summer vacation by choosing the most suitable yacht for you among yachts of different sizes and features.

When you charter a private boat, you can have a pleasant journey in the blue of the Adriatic sea and the greenery of the coast, and spend a comfortable time on the boat. The jacuzzi on the deck offers you a privileged environment on the sea during your private tours with the Dalmatino gulet yacht. In addition, with its air conditioning, TV, sound system, internet connection, fully equipped kitchen, and water sports facilities, Dalmatino is one of the modern yachts you can choose for your trip to the Croatian coast.

Dalmatino Gulet Yacht for Charter

With a length of 44 meters, it is an aesthetically special yacht as well as a magnificent view. Dalmatino offers accommodation for up to 12 people for boat rentals that you will plan with your loved ones. Dalmatino, one of the beautiful yachts built in recent years, started its course in blue waters in 2019.

If you want to plan a different but comfortable holiday this summer, you can contact us for any questions about yacht charters in Croatia.

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