Gulets With A Canoe

Canoe Gulets With A Canoe

Experience the natural beauty of Turkish islands from a unique perspective.The gulets are anchoring on the bays and isolated islands during the cruises. You can plan different and exciting activities you will do during the day as you wake up in a quiet morning on the sea. The canoeing on board is one of the best option which you can do for starting the new day during your cruise holiday.

All gulets are equipped with a canoe on board and the number of them are differ between one to three according the size and capasity of the gullet yacht.

You are now just one click away to see the list of gulets with Canoes :

Gulet Yacht Mermaid

Turkish Coast
24 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 3.780 / per week

Gulet Yacht Madlife

Turkish Coast
22 Meter 7 Cabins 14 Guest

From € 3.850 / per week

24 Meter 3 Cabins 6 Guest

From € 3.955 / per week

22 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 4.095 / per week

Gulet Yacht Anka 35

Turkish Coast
14 Meter 2 Cabins 4 Guest

From € 4.200 / per week

24 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 4.200 / per week

Water Sports

Most of luxury gulet yachts provide a whole range of watersports activities available on board. For a greater adrenaline rush, there is water skiing...

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