Gulets With A Windsurf

Windsurf Gulets With A Windsurf

Using the most of watersport activities are already included in your gulet rental fee and the management of the vessels don't require for any hidden cost for them. One of popular activity which is also offered on the gulet cruises are Windsurfing.

The important point on windsurfing is, you must know how to steer a windsurfing board to go in the direction you wish.Comparing with other watersport activities, the number of interest on windsurf are lower. We used to accommodate guests from different countries who are Instructors and well-trained windsurfers doing well.

Here below are the list of gulet cruises with Windsurf activity on board.

26 Meter 5 Cabins 10 Guest

From € 6.300 / per week

Gulet Yacht Kugu 1

Turkish Coast
24 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 6.650 / per week

Gulet Yacht Grandi

Turkish Coast
25 Meter 6 Cabins 12 Guest

From € 7.000 / per week

28 Meter 8 Cabins 16 Guest

From € 7.875 / per week

Gulet Yacht Fatos

Turkish Coast
25 Meter 8 Cabins 16 Guest

From € 8.750 / per week

Gulet Yacht Xenos 2

Turkish Coast
24 Meter 4 Cabins 8 Guest

From € 8.750 / per week

Water Sports

Most of luxury gulet yachts provide a whole range of watersports activities available on board. For a greater adrenaline rush, there is water skiing...

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