Luxury Gulet Charters in Turkey, Greece & Croatia

Gourmet Delights on the Blue Voyage

From sea to table in Croatia, Greece, and Turkey! The concept of holidays is evolving, and travelers are no longer content with merely visiting tourist spots.

The trend of private yacht rental transforms the desire to explore the magnificent coastlines of Croatia, Greece, and Turkey into a journey of luxury and flavor. The blue voyage becomes a unique gourmet experience, navigating the waters of these three beautiful countries, merging with the privileges offered by chartering a private yacht. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, following a ketogenic, carnivorous, or flexitarian diet, worry not! Our yacht charter consultant will tailor flavors that suit your preferences.

Private chef service is the key to the gourmet experience on a yacht charter.

Where Freedom and Comfort Converge

The historical city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, the ancient stone buildings of Greece, and the historical remnants of Turkey—the coastlines of these three countries offer a splendid fusion of history and nature. However, the blue voyage doesn’t confine you to touristy places alone. By renting a private boat, you have the freedom to determine the stops of your gourmet journey. While swimming in the azure waters during the day and savoring light Mediterranean dishes, anchor in serene bays at night to relish tranquility and discover new gourmet spots.

The Key to the Gourmet Experience: Private Chef Service

One of the greatest privileges of the blue voyage is having a talented and experienced chef on your chartered yacht. This chef, available 24/7, crafts matchless culinary experiences by preparing creative and delicious menus with fresh seafood, local herbs, and indigenous ingredients. Yet, this journey is filled with surprises not only at sea but also on land.

Discovering Flavors Beyond the Sea

While traveling on your luxury motor yacht, you’re not limited to the culinary skills of your onboard chef. You have the opportunity to visit the best restaurants in the region by going ashore. Whether in the hidden coves of Croatia, traditional tavernas on the Greek islands, or secret spots in Turkish coastal towns, numerous opportunities await to explore local flavors.

Thankful feasting among friends...

Culinary Delights from Croatian, Greek, and Turkish Cuisines

The unique cuisines of Croatia, Greece, and Turkey offer a feast reflecting the rich culture of the region. The seafood-focused flavors of Croatian cuisine, the taste of fresh herbs and olive oil in Greek dishes, and the meat-centric and spiced delights of Turkish cuisine can compose the gourmet menu of your blue voyage.

Crowning Your Palate with Wine

The blue voyage can also transform into a unique wine-tasting experience that caters to your palate. At Guletbookers, we’ve curated a gourmet wine list featuring meticulously crafted local wines from Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. These wines, each turning every meal into a celebration, have distinct flavors. During the yacht rental process, our guests can request this special wine list from our boat charter expert, ensuring not only a perfect yacht vacation but also an exceptional wine-tasting experience. These wines, each reflecting the character of the region, will make your blue voyage unforgettable and elevate your experience to the next level.

An Unforgettable Gourmet Experience on the Blue Voyage

Exploring the coasts of Croatia, Greece, and Turkey by renting a private yacht creates a sense of freedom that goes beyond touristy areas. What makes this experience even more special is the talent of the chef on board and the hidden flavor spots you’ll discover on land. The blue voyage is not just a summer vacation; it’s a gourmet adventure tailored to your palate.

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