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Forget Everything You Know About Gulet Yachts

If you've never set sail on a gulet yacht, or if you've sailed before and have forgotten what it's like, it's time to reconsider taking a boat trip. With their new cabin designs, today's blue voyage boats, whether traditional wooden gulets or luxury yachts have become highly tempting.

A holiday on a gulet yacht offers an extraordinary variety of flavor options as well as many fun and different activities to do, thanks to the growing sea tourism.


Small cabins with bunk beds and tiny portholes are a thing of the past. Private yachts and gulets today have luxurious cabins that you will not want to leave. The cabins, which include a jacuzzi, can provide a spa experience in the middle of the sea. The large and comfortable beds are unlike anything even the most luxurious hotel can provide. Large portholes let in sunlight and fresh sea breeze. Thanks to the air conditioning, the opportunity to cool down is your savior during the hottest hours of the day. Forget everything you thought you knew about boat cabins. When you see how spacious and airy your cabin is, you won’t believe your eyes.


You will also be renting a floating restaurant with our carefully selected and prepared luxury food menus. With various flavours at each meal and a variety of taste options, not only will your stomach be satisfied, but so will your eyes and soul. Every meal is carefully prepared and served by a professional chef on all yachts, adapting the tastes and special requests of the passengers, with the freshly prepared delicacies. Eating lunch or dinner at a restaurant on land can be a novelty, but with the luxury service on board, we’re confident you won’t need it at all.


Luxury gulet yachts allow guests to enjoy their sound systems in the open air, under the stars, with music and dance parties on the deck. It offers a humble, introverted, and ideal entertainment atmosphere for those who want to have a lot of fun while also experiencing a spiritual spirit not found on large cruise ships. Our boats have everything you need to throw a party with your family or friends by drinking, dancing, and having a good time. Have you ever seen our private yachts with a deck jacuzzi? Relaxing under the stars while sipping a sweet wine or a nice champagne can revitalize your sense of adventure. Water sports, on the other hand, are an essential part of sea life recreation. Simply tell us what you find amusing and we’ll make the necessary adjustments.


It’s always a good idea to get off the boat and explore your surroundings. If you are a foodie, you can go to a local market with your chef on the boat and have him cook the local delicacies you bought. It will be a brilliant experience to learn about the history of a local product like olive oil, as well as how it is used in appetizers, salads, and Mediterranean cuisine, and to savor the flavors.

You will be able to gain cultural insights from the people you meet on your land trips. The hospitality of the warm-blooded Mediterranean and Aegean people may surprise you, and you may even find yourself sharing a meal with them while learning about their lifestyle and culture. Most gulet cruises also offer cycling, hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, sailing, and paddle boarding.

Regional Happenings

Don’t think that the only thing to do on a private yacht charter trip is sunbathe or swim on the deck. While a gulet yacht is a wonderful place to sunbathe, relax, and read a book, many people prefer a little more excitement during their days at sea. Let us assist you in imagining some of the most crazy things you can try these days. Depending upon the region, you may even have the opportunity to go paragliding, rafting, or even snow skiing on Antalya’s mountain peaks in the middle of summer.

It is our duty to organize everything necessary for an incredible vacation. It is a privilege for the Guletbookers team to be a part of a memory that will leave you smiling. Please feel free to reach out if you have any inquiries or requests.

Featured Gulets For Charter

Gulet That’s Amore
Gulet That’s Amore
42.9 Meter
6 Cabin

from € 10.000 / per day
Gulet Vay
Gulet Vay
31.05 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 10.715 / per day
Gulet Rigel
Gulet Rigel
30 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 2.200 / per day
Gulet White Soul
Gulet White Soul
38 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 5.000 / per day
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