Datça, Aegean's "Life-Prolonging" Peninsula

Datça, Aegean's Datça, Aegean's "Life-Prolonging" Peninsula

Datça is located in Turkey's southwest. It is the meeting point of winds, blowing from the Aegean and Mediterranean seas.

Datça is therefore irreplaceable for windsurfers. If you want to include a special water sport, such as windsurfing, in your blue cruise plans, the Datça peninsula may be the right route for you. Of course, the possibility of windsurfing isn’t Datça’s only captivating feature. Datça is the apple of Turkish people’s eyes, with its cool and clean waters, uniquely beautiful bays, historical riches, and archaeological sites worth visiting. If you can get away from your luxury yacht even for a small period and decide to wander out of your comfort zone, we have compiled a list of the most valuable places in Datça for you.

Datca Peninsula Turkey

Datça, one of the most popular Aegean Sea destinations, is a favorite peninsula of not only Turks, but people from all over the world, thanks to its unique atmosphere and airy bays. Datça, which has 300 days of sunshine a year, is also excellent for trekking and camping.

Knidos, the Ancient City

Knidos, the ancient city, is 35 kilometers from Datça’s center. It was constructed in the 4th century. It is possible to visit historical monuments that indicate how science was studied in many fields, including mathematics, physics, and astrology.

Kızlan Village

Some of the old windmills in this area have been converted into restaurants serving delicious food. Lunch at the mill restaurants in Kızlan village can be very enjoyable, especially with the unique view of Datça. Kızlan Village has two mill restaurants and a total of six windmills. If you wish to dine here, our professional consultants will make all the necessary arrangements based on your requirements.

Knidos Ancient City, Datca

Beach of Palamutbükü

Palamutbükü, where blue and green merge, is one of Datça’s most popular beaches. On the beach, there are eateries, tearooms, and bistros. You can experience the rural life while savouring the vast blues of Palamutbükü by visiting the authentic places along the beach.

Beach of Ovabükü

Ovabükü Beach is located between Hayıtbükü and Palamutbükü. It is a very lovely place where you can go on nature walks and cool off in the clean sea.

Beach of Hayıtbükü

Hayıtbükü beach is a mixture of sand and pebbles.  Also because the coastline is shallow, this beach is a favorite among families who want to spend time with their small kids. You can also rent sunbeds and parasols if you want to spend time on the beach.

Hayitbuku Datca Peninsula Turkey

Bay of Kargı

Kargı Bay is one of Datça’s most stunning bays, surrounded by mountains. The wind is reduced by the mountains that surround the bay. Swimming in a mellow and warm sea is thus possible. Watching the sunrise in Kargı Bay is a rejuvenating way to start the day. If you enjoy hiking, you can get up early, leave your boat for a short period of time, ask your deckhand to take you ashore, and enjoy the sunrise by walking here at first sunshine.

Marina Kairos

Kairos Marina is a lovely marina located on Körmen, Datça’s main route. Your gulet yacht captain can stop by this marina for any necessity.

It is our pleasure to assist you in selecting the best gulet cruise routes and boats for your blue cruise. Please do not hesitate to contact our consultants with any questions or requests.


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