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Big Boats for Large Groups

Could you just imagine enjoying a peaceful, relaxing, and effective holiday with a large group? Setting off on a sea adventure with your extended family, all your close friends, fellow yogis, or your company team, basking in the sun, and forging lasting bonds—it's all perfectly accessible.

This is precisely what we offer to those seeking such an experience with our specially designed large and traditional gulet yachts, providing a unique blue voyage experience that broadens your horizons! Our yachts, ideal for groups of 20–32 people, provide a perfect option for large family vacations, friend getaways, yoga retreats, meditation workshops, and more. Designed to cater to group needs, these yachts feature comfortable and spacious interiors, offering an ideal setting for both daily activities and special events.

Large Boats for Large Groups

Some of our large boats with a capacity of 20 to 32 people, that can serve your purpose include:

* Aegean Clipper
* Boreas
* Tersane 8
* Elara 1
* Love Boat
* Oğuzbey
* Grand Admiral
* Holiday 10

Designed to cater to group needs, these yachts feature comfortable and spacious interiors, offering an ideal setting for both daily activities and special events.

A yacht charter holiday is an experience that transcends the sea and sun; it strengthens group bonds, encourages spending quality time together, and immerses you in nature. For large groups, a blue voyage offers both a fun and meaningful holiday opportunity.

For large groups seeking a smooth and peaceful holiday experience, we steer our guests towards our spacious and comfortable yachts, ensuring they have a beautiful and unique boat charter experience that they will cherish for a lifetime. Our guests, who return year after year for the same experience, have become like family to us. For those seeking a seamless and peaceful experience surrounded by nature for activities such as company holidays, yoga retreats, and meditation workshops, we recommend our services.

We invite our guests, who wish to gather everyone they love, to a memorable holiday experience with a blue voyage.

Family-Size Blue Voyage

Our traditional gulet yachts, with ideal capacities for groups of 20-32 people, are perfect for large group gatherings. This makes them an excellent choice for large family vacations, friend getaways, workshops, or company holidays.

Unique Team Experience

Sailing is different and special from traditional holiday experiences. Everyone in the group feels special. In a closed-off environment, individuals can focus on each other and their activities, enjoying the moment together. Traveling on the sea, enjoying nature, and relaxing in remote bays provide a unique experience for each participant.

Strong Bonds with Nature

During the blue voyage, guests are in direct contact with the beauty of nature. This provides an ideal environment for spiritual activities such as yoga retreats and meditation workshops. No other environment, besides a private yacht, can serve such a purpose so perfectly.

Private Boat and Personalized Service

Chartered private yachts offer a comfortable and personalized yacht charter experience. Guests can decide every detail together, set their own routes, create gourmet menus tailored to everyone’s preferences and special diets, and organize their holiday programs from start to finish according to their purpose.

Guests can decide every detail together, set their own routes, create gourmet menus tailored to everyone's preferences and special diets...

Stress-Free Environment

Embarking on a 7-day sea journey, anchoring in peaceful bays, and creating new experiences and memories together has a stress-reducing effect on vacationers. This makes the blue voyage ideal for retreat and spiritual healing. Waking up early in the morning to do yoga and meditation together, having breakfast together, and starting the day by cleansing in the soothing waters of the sea are some of the most valuable moments to share.

Building Team Spirit

For large groups, a blue voyage can enhance the value of time spent together. The deck space brings everyone together and can encourage quality time together. Friend groups, families, or companies can bond even closer by sharing this experience.

Sailing by yacht charter holidays combine many advantages to meet the expectations of different groups, such as yoga retreats, large family vacations, friend getaways, company holidays, and a variety of workshops. Reach out to us, join this unique idea, and set sail with your loved ones on an unforgettable blue voyage!

Featured Gulets For Charter

Gulet Lavin
Gulet Lavin
26.5 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 2.750 / per day
Gulet S4
Gulet S4
35 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 2.200 / per day
Gulet Milo M
Gulet Milo M
36 Meter
10 Cabin

from € 2.000 / per day
Gulet Gazella
Gulet Gazella
25 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 1.750 / per day
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