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Why Are We So Attracted to the Sea and Saltwater?

Considering that a portion of our body is composed of salt water, it is not surprising that we seek out the sea when we feel tired and want to relax. We know that the sea is the source we need for tranquility and clarity.

We spend our vacations on the beach. To be close, or even live on the sea, we build boats. When we plan a summer holiday, we think of options closest to the sea; we prioritize traditional gulets and private yachts. The sight of yachts with their sails unfurled caresses our eyes and hearts. Water sports such as surfing, diving, sailing, and swimming offer a different kind of pleasure. We refresh ourselves with long showers and soothing baths. Our roads run parallel to the sea, and having the sea in our view during a trip relaxes us. Especially those of us living in the Mediterranean know we’ve reached home the moment we see the sea. The sea gives us a unique peace and a feeling of arriving home.

The sea gives us a unique peace and a feeling of arriving home.

Being Near the Sea Making You Calmer and More Creative.

Our fondness for the sky, the sea, the ocean, and water actually relates to our relationship with the color blue. Naturally, we are drawn to aquatic hues. We associate this color reflected from the sea and sky with freshness, openness, calmness, depth, and wisdom. We fantasize about oases in the middle of deserts. Lakes and puddles we encounter during long hikes in mountains and forests are a great source of joy and relief. Our brains have literally evolved to respond positively to water. We feel and know that being near water will calm us, heal us, and renew us. The vast blue expanse increases our insight and provides clarity. It opens doors to learning about life and ourselves. We can even say we have a ‘blue mind’. The blue tones anchor happiness that goes far beyond relaxing to the sound of waves or swimming quietly in a calm sea. The reason it fits so perfectly with our nature is that our minds encompass blue seas, oceans, lakes, and skies. Our minds encompass all this vastness and find peace within it.


Being on the beach, around the calm sea, allows our brains and senses to rest from overstimulation. The surrounding sounds are simpler in terms of auditory input. Considering that even silence can sometimes be exhausting for people, the sound of water is the most pleasant of sounds. When we’re on a beach, near the water, on a boat, or swimming in it, our brains take a cognitive break. Our brains continue to work even in sleep. When we’re in the blue space, our brain tunes to a different frequency. Many of us can sit by the sea or a river and watch the movements of the water for long periods of time and enjoy it immensely.

When we're near the sea, our brain anchors itself in a state of soft attention.

What could be the reason for this happiness?

Perhaps water puts us into an effortless and entirely natural state of meditation without even realizing it. Our brain, focusing in its own natural way, spontaneously reaches a state of awareness. Try this on the beach or on the deck of a private boat where no one crowds around. When we’re near the sea, our brain anchors itself in a state of soft attention. The mind is drawn to and engages with the water. It wholeheartedly accepts sensory input. We can’t experience this level of focus with the distractions we face during action-packed activities. When the mind is relaxed but focused, it brings various benefits to the body at different levels. Stress levels drop, and relief is found in pain and mild anxiety.

Water invites us to be more compassionate and connected.

When we need to rest, contemplate, understand our emotions, and balance ourselves, we go to the sea, ocean, or, if possible, a lake or river. In this state, the sense of awe provided by Mother Nature evokes a feeling of being connected to something beyond ourselves. The vastness of nature embraces us, and we let ourselves feel ‘one with the universe.’ Up until this moment, we who feel ‘I’ in ourselves reach a ‘we’ mindset in this space where we can connect with the world around us and the people beside us. Understanding and compassion multiply within us. It’s no coincidence that couples want to share their most romantic moments by the water; proposals, engagements, weddings, and honeymoon vacations occur by the water. We hold important ceremonies by the water, if possible. And in life and death, we gather by the water.

With small adjustments, your private yacht will become an ideal space for self-love and self-care.

Exercise in the water is good for our bodies and minds.

A boat rental vacation may seem very different from a retreat. However, with small adjustments and some changes, your private yacht will become the ideal space for self-love and self-care. Exercising in a gym can benefit our physical health on many different levels. However, you won’t encounter the toxic frequencies of competition and comparison that you encounter in gyms in the sea. Imagine taking a run in an ideal environment where no one else is around, just you, swimming in the sea, and stretching on the deck of your private yacht. The benefits that exercising in such a nature-surrounded environment will provide to your body and mind will be much more intense.

Let’s create a blue dream!

Tell us your expectations and preferences. Let’s design your yacht charter experience together in the way that best suits your imagination. Let’s create a beautiful dream in the blues, providing a peaceful and, when needed, fun atmosphere. If you have any questions, you can contact our private yacht charter specialists at any time. Until then, stay blue!

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