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7 Differences Between Yacht Charter & Cruise Ship

Cruise ships travel for touristic purposes in predetermined routes having high service standards. According to the definition by Cruise Lines, International Association (CLIA) ships have to spend at least 2 days on deep waters and should have a capacity of at least 100 passengers. Similar to a small floating city, cruise ship journeys are offering a comfortable and safe sea journey to its guests.

A Small Holiday City in the Blue

There are lots of opportunities available for the people who would like to experience the blue cruise. You might either have a short holiday by booking a yacht or you might experience something different in a small city in the middle of the sea by preferring a cruise ship. These are resembling 4 to 5-star floating hotels. They provide a wide range of services such as; entertainment venues, shopping centers, cabins with balconies, restaurants, swimming pools, bars, gyms and spa areas, theatres, conference halls, casinos, and satellite communications, etc.

They offer standard rooms and suites. You might go on a long trip by benefiting from this long list of options, from comfort to delicious meals, from entertaining nights to various different activities. These routes that you might attend during both the summer and winter seasons offer you the highest comfort and entertainment you expect from a sea voyage. One of the most loved features of blue cruise holidays is the variety it offers to everyone. You might either attend entertaining parties or you might spend time with your family in activities such as theatres and movies. If the idea of having a holiday in a small city sounds good for you, then you might try having a holiday in which you could benefit from these opportunities.

Cruise Ship Voyage

Differences between Booking a Yacht and Cruise Ship Voyages

Would you like to spend your holiday in a yacht special for you which is ruled by silence and tranquility or would you like to spend your holiday in a floating hotel? You choose! You might find the differences between a cruise ship holiday resembling a small hotel in the middle of the sea and a blue cruise that you could prefer which is far from the crowd, alone or only with your loved ones:

  • You might determine your route when you organize a special yacht charter holiday. In large-scale, crowded cruise ship organizations you could not determine the course of the ship.
  • You might immediately change your mind when you choose a private yacht charter, and you might escalate your holiday plan into a different dimension. This would provide you infinite flexibility.
  • You could choose the most suitable yacht for your comfort among various alternatives in booking services.
  • When you are benefiting from the services in your private yacht, it is possible for you and your loved ones to spend the time of your life in compliance with your understanding of entertainment in a warm environment.
  • Safety might be an issue in a cruise ship. You might be concerned about your private belongings within the crowd and you might end up spending your time constantly taking safety measures instead of having a good time.
  • Tailor-made blue voyages offer you a customized vacation based on your personal preferences. Foods and services will be offered to you by the captain and his crew based on your needs. However, on cruise ships, you can only get the service that is offered to everyone. Private blue voyage services are organized according to the personal preferences of the guests.
  • Private yacht charter prices are advantageous when compared with cruise ships.

Best Regions for Private Blue Voyage

Best Regions for Private Blue Voyage

Get ready for an unforgettable trip in the most impressive bays of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. You will experience a pleasant holiday and explore magnificent bays during your trip which will start at the yacht charter location. During a private blue voyage in Bodrum, you can discover natural beauties around Bodrum and set your course towards the destination you want. You could enjoy the sun and sea in the secret bays of Bodrum with spectacular nature.

You could rent a yacht in the Göcek region as well. When you want to move away from the city and take a short vacation, Göcek will be a rather suitable option for you. You will move away from the crowd and throw yourself into arms of silence and tranquility.

Featured Gulets For Charter

Gulet Rigel
Gulet Rigel
30 Meter
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Gulet White Soul
38 Meter
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Gulet By C.F.
Gulet By C.F.
24 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 2.860 / per day
Gulet Reis
Gulet Reis
27 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 0 / per day
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