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What is Blue Cruise?

Blue Cruise is a general term used to describe the sea voyage made in the southwest coasts of Mediterranean Turkey especially between Bodrum and Antalya. In this route, which is offering a dream-like holiday, there are lots of places to visit and also numerous rest points.

If you decide to set sail, then it would be right to say that a wonderful holiday is waiting for you. Blue Cruise, that is providing means to the creation of a new sector. Realized via sailing yacht and motor yachts. In this holiday concept it is possible to plan the beginning and ending dates, as well as the route that you would like to follow. Blue voyage is just the right choice for you if you would like to have a pleasant holiday in the splendid waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean. You might tailor-made this concept by reviewing yacht booking services.

The Best Holiday Concept

The term “Blue Cruise” is first used by Azra Erhat. Tour became bigger with Halikarnas Balıkçısı (Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı) who fell in love with the blue of Bodrum; in the beginning, the blue cruise was made only for discovering the surrounding shores of Bodrum. Throughout the year’s yacht journeys have been considered as a holiday. Nowadays, people from all walks of life are enjoying the blue from Bodrum to Antalya with this alternative and accelerating their holidays.

Throughout the course of this journey altering the classic holiday concept, it is possible to plan a special route and have a good accommodation opportunity by relaxing in untouched bays instead of taking a vacation at a single spot. You might start your journey via gulets and motor yacht alternatives that you could rent from certain points. You might book yachts at your convenience with your family and friends or as a couple for a romantic holiday. Choose the features of the yacht according to your budget, the scope of service you expected, the length of your holiday, and the number of people.

Gemiler Island

Route That You Could Choose

You might put gulet cruises options to good use if you would like to spend an unforgettable, different, entertaining, and peaceful holiday with your loved ones. This journey is going to be an excellent experience for the kids, youngsters or adults, which everybody would have a laugh at. You might organize your trip for a single day or from 2 nights to 14 nights. At the same time, a change of route is also being offered for you as one-way or as a round-trip. This usually depends on the length of the lease. In general, this journey takes place in Turkish Bays around Mediterranean Region and in Greek Islands. Choose Göcek or Marmaris as your starting point, which is making blue cruise even more entertaining. Options are not limited just with these. You might decide the number of days that you would like to stay in a certain region as well as your route.

A Tailor-made Holiday

You might make your holiday even more exciting by means of renting a yacht. Sailing ships built in the shipyards of especially Bodrum offer a nostalgic and epic experience. Prices of the Blue Cruise may vary depending on the size of the yacht, and the leasing period. By means of this beautiful holiday, you might experience the calm and pristine waters of the Mediterranean. See lots of hidden beauties from untouched bays to abandoned ships, and might collect memories while seizing the moment with your loved ones. Do not forget to take lots of pictures, have a fine time before the scenery. Diving, watching flora and fauna in this holiday which carries the traces of the past and makes your life beautiful.

Featured Gulets For Charter

Gulet Fatma Kristina
Gulet Fatma Kristina
30 Meter
5 Cabin

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Gulet Tuyika S
Gulet Tuyika S
36.6 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 8.500 / per day
Gulet Mehmet Ayaz
Gulet Mehmet Ayaz
24 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 0 / per day
Gulet Arslan 3
Gulet Arslan 3
22 Meter
3 Cabin

from € 1.200 / per day
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