All Inclusive Gulet Cruise In Turkey

All Inclusive Gulet Cruise In Turkey All Inclusive Gulet Cruise In Turkey

Turkey is a country where is located in a very special position. Country surrounded by three big sea. These are the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have truly unique, virgin, exotic coves, gulfs, and islands.

Yacht charter has become a must-have activity in these regions. Upon the intense demands, new packages for gulet yacht charters have also started to be offered in Turkey. One of these concepts is all-inclusive private gulet cruises.

Which Services Include in Private Charter Price

Private Gulet yacht cruises are getting a more popular alternative for summer holidays with its inimitable services. One of the most frequently asked questions is ” What is included in the charter price?”.

Guests have food, drinks, trips, entertainment services as an exclusive in standard gulet charters. There are some services that include in the charter price. These are,  fuel for 4 hours cruising every day, gas for cooking, drinking water, and tap water, air conditioning limited hours up to gulet offer, and wi-fi connection usage. Along with these, of course, there are also boat crews that will serve you during your cruise.

Watersports on Gulets

Foods, soft and alcohol drinks, crew gratuities, Greek islands taxes, and water sports are not included in the charter price. In some offers, water sports can be included in the charter price as a limited daily usage.

All-Inclusive Gulet Cruises

Gulet yacht charter offers can be standard or all-inclusive. All-inclusive gulet cruise concepts can include food and beverage, soft drinks and alcohols, taxes, and water sports. Price offers can be change depend on route, menu types, quality of alcohols, and water sport requests.

In all-inclusive gulet yacht concepts foods provide for guests in different menu types. You can choose the food you want from the luxury, deluxe, and VIP menu options on your gulet cruise. When the content of each menu is examined, it is seen that different products are added and the portion size is changed. You can choose one of the most suitable menu packages on your gulet yacht cruise. Alcoholic beverages have the same menu options. You can easily choose from different types according to the quality and variety.

Croatia Gulet Cruise Altair Gulet

On the other hand, you can find all the details about the itinerary of your cruise. In the offer, you can also see air conditioning, internet connection, water sports usage details. Usage of air condition can be 24 hours or limited. For example; 6-8 hours or 10-12 hours. Internet connection can be unlimited or 20-50 GB weekly. Water sports agreements can be arranged with the provided equipment for 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, so 4 hours a day. Water sports can be added to the rental price along with these terms of use.

If you interested in all-inclusive cruises, would like to need more information about our different offers and itineraries, please you can reach us on Whatsapp 7/24 or call by phone for quick support and assistance.

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