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What Qualifications do You Need Yacht Charter in Croatia?

The Southern coast of Croatia largely forms the Adriatic Sea. Thus, this sea, which forms the northern end of the Mediterranean, has a connection with the warm seas. With the effect of this, it is home to beautiful beaches, coves, and islands. These natural riches make a great contribution to the economy of the country, especially in the field of tourism.

The country, which is often preferred when choosing a holiday destination, welcomes you with its warm seas. In addition, the monuments in the natural areas, dating back to the Middle Ages, give your holiday a completely different atmosphere and contribute to the attractiveness of the country. When you visit the country, you can enjoy your holiday by taking advantage of international yacht charter options through Guletbookers to have a pleasant trip to the areas.

Yacht Charter Options in Croatia

Croatia, which has a long coastline in the south, has many destinations located side by side and separated from each other by various features. Some of these destinations are created by cities, some by the region, and some by nature. Thanks to these regions, the country has many areas worth seeing. Dubrovnik and Split stand out with their charms and stand out as the big cities where most transactions take place.

Sibenik and Zadar are other cities that stand out with their natural beauties and structures bearing traces of great empires, and these cities impress you with their historical beauties. Yacht charter services in Croatia is another location that attracts visitors with its island and harbor in the Kvarner Bay. The Istria region, which is located closer to Western Europe, is a popular location with the influence of settlements such as Pula, Rovinj, Novigrad, and Umad. Get ready to experience the holiday you have dreamed of thanks to yacht charter conditions in these areas that host beautiful views.

Yacht Charter in Croatia

Qualifications to chartering a yacht in Croatia

For both yacht owners and service users, there are a few conditions you must meet while at sea. First of all, it would be beneficial to highlight the issue of documents required for a yacht charter. The ICC (International Certificate Of Competence) driver’s license is a type of watercraft license that is required for boat rentals. However, you do not need to have this license as you will be sailing with a captain on Guletbokers.

In response to the question of who can charter a yacht in Croatia, it can be said that they must be over the age of 18. If you are of legal age, you usually only need to have a passport or any other document confirming your identity. This condition usually applies to the signatory. Guests boarding the yacht do not need to meet this requirement. The signatory should examine the articles of the yacht charter agreement presented by the company and decide. In most cases, this contract must be strictly adhered to. Once you have taken care of these official documents, you can continue to enjoy your holiday.

What is Covered in Croatia Yacht Charter Agreement?

The Croatian yacht charter contract mainly specifies services and payment terms. As a rule, services are specified within certain limits. The maximum fuel consumption amount or time, the time you can benefit from the comfortable products depending on the type of vessel are the ones that are most restricted. Services such as cleaning routines, the preparation or serving of food and drinks are often mentioned as information.

Croatia Gulet Cruise Routes

For those outside the limits drawn, an invoice will be issued at the end of the service in addition to the price quoted. The conditions for chartering a Croatian yacht are usually based on payment of the fixed price in stages. In the first stage, a fee is paid which is called a deposit or advance payment. The deposit or advance payment usually covers 30-50% of the total amount. The balance is usually transferred to the agency 2-3 days before the day of embarkation.

If a service not included in the contract has been used throughout the process, the captain can request the additional fee together with the receipt. Therefore, it is often beneficial for your pocket to act by examining the contract. After all the necessary conditions are met, get ready to enjoy the beauties of Croatia and have a nice gulet cruise experience.

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