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TOP 3 Land Excursions During Your Yacht Charter

Those who want to leave themselves in the arms of the magnificent sea and the sun on a comfortable yacht are also determined to see the coastal cities. Holiday plans can manage in various. One of these options is a yacht charter.

Yacht charter is among the first options for those who want to act independently. Although June, July, and August are the first months of choice for those who want to charter a yacht, September and October, when the permits are over and people are starting to go back to work, can also be considered. For those who delay their holiday plans to these months, the Antalya region yacht tour or similar Southern regions can be very advantageous. A boat trip with a small and familiar group promises fun as well as relaxation.

Guests can choose yachts according to their budgets, and a luxury yacht charter is another alternative. However, the blue cruise invitation, which starts after agreeing on where and how to rent the yacht, is quite attractive. While visiting the beautiful bays of the Kekova Gulf in yacht charter regions such as Fethiye – Kas – Kalkan, the opportunity to see the natural beauties of Xantos, Letoon, and Patara with good planning turns this sea holiday into a versatile activity with land tours you can take to ancient cities.

Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean Sea 

The Mediterranean region offers the opportunity to see the most beautiful bays of the world such as Camyuva, Tekirova, Phaselis, Olympos, and Kekova during the tour, as well as the peace of a deep blue sea with boat rental services. The journey, accompanied by the magnificent view of the Taurus Mountains and unique bays, leaves all daily worries behind. Those who prefer a yacht charter to Kas enjoy the unique nature of the Kekova region and being in the ancient cities, while at the same time enjoying swimming and sunbathing in its bays. The advantage of boat and yacht trips is the advantage of being at sea all day, as well as visiting coastal cities and bays.

Kas Kalkan

Good food and entertainment are also part of the plan, as vacationers prioritize rest when planning their vacation. Being together with a limited number of people and waking up at a different bay or beach every day in the comfort of a hotel is the biggest advantage. You can get support from our Guletbookers sales team, which you can reach 24/7 for any questions about your Kas yacht charter plans.

Patara Ancient City

Patara, an ancient city, is a Lycian city in the Kas district. Its history dates back to 1250 BC. In a city with a rich historical past, it is pleasant to visit Patara with the Patara tour, while the ruins such as the Basilica, the parliament building, the lighthouse, and the ancient theater await their visitors. The Patara yacht visit is ideal for catching the sun on the 18 km long beach of Patara and seeing the magnificent ancient theatre, to get away from daily worries.

The most important natural beauty is that the Caretta Caretta turtles accompany the holidaymakers while swimming. On the other hand, seeing turtles’ spawning grounds is like witnessing a magical pre-breeding. While the shallow sea is advantageous for children, the fine sand covers the beach like a silk cover. The fact that it is usually windy gives relief even in the hottest months. The slightly wavy sea is ideal for those who want to play in the sea. Kas- Patara tour promises its visitors a peaceful holiday with its rich historical past as well as natural beauties.

Xanthos Ancient City

Xanthos, which is 46 km away from Fethiye, has been under the influence of many different cultures such as Lycia, Byzantium, Roman, and Arab. To keep the remnants of its rich historical past intact, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1988. During your boat rental in the Fethiye region, you can spend 4 hours a day and visit this unique historical city with land excursion tours.

Ancient Lycian City Patara

Letoon Ancient City

Those who decide to take a Xanthos yacht trip have the opportunity to see many cultural heritages in the city as well as the magnificent sea and nature. While the Roman theater is inspired by the Roman period, it is possible to come across various sarcophagi and reliefs during the Kas yacht trip. In addition to the rich resources of ancient times, the other martyr city of Letoon, where the sea and nature are together. You can visit the unique ancient cities by going ashore at one of the most suitable bays in the region.

Since the ancient city of Letoon is 4 km away from Xanthos, it is possible to visit both cities on the same day. Since the city was the religious center of Lycia in ancient times, there are the ruins of Leto, Apollon, and Artemis temples in the city. While your visit to Letoon opens the doors of a mystical world, its inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List is of great importance in preserving the ruins until today.

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