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Discovering the Shores of “Leleg Route”

Leleg Route, having a historical pathway, is going to meet you with scenery where both history and nature intersect. Although it is inevitable to cross tough roads and pathways while completing your route, it is possible to say that it is worth experiencing all the difficulties when you see the green of nature and the blue of the shores.

This mysterious path going before you as an extension of historical Kykia and Karya roads in Bodrum would lead you to several different images of nature. By this means, you would be able to follow historical ruins, gateways, and remarks of the past and you will be deeply satisfied with the unique beauty of the shores. Watching the Leleg Route from the shore in detail from the crystal clear waters while you are on your Blue Cruise would be a whole different experience.

The Legendary Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise, as its very name signifies, offers a visual feast if you would like to catch a junction from different shores and widespread unique bays and if you would like to see all of these natural beauties from the deep blue sea. You might reach to Leleg, which is having a tough road, easily via your yacht. This journey is also offering you an opportunity to make the most of the sea. You might extend your route to the shores of Antalya after completing the Leleg Route in the shores of Bodrum. Along with the beauty of the scenery, it is going to be a big opportunity for the vacationers who like to have a sea holiday to come over different bays and taking pleasure throughout the journey.

Blue Cruise & Leleg Route

You might complete your holiday on tens of bays of Aegean and Mediterranean waiting for you to discover overlooking breathtaking sceneries. You might enjoy the amazing green and beaches along the shore by means of Blue Cruise that would allow you to spend more time with nature. Gulet cruises are offering you a wonderful opportunity if you would like to spare a time interval full of relief and peace for your summer holiday. Prices may vary within the scope of your tour program. It is possible to spend some time in different bays every day within the scope of your journey. You are going to have a joyous and calm holiday with the beauty of the bays, water-sports activities, and natural sceneries. You should evaluate the opportunity to see the bays you wish to see and specify the route you would like to follow.

Blue Cruise and Leleg Route Harmony

You might make a peaceful and comfortable journey with the combination of the historical and natural beauty of Leleg Route with the unique blue of the sea. Shores of the Leleg Route situated between the routes of Bodrum would form an indispensable point of your journey with its unique nature. There is also a course on the Leleg Route which you could complete on foot. You might follow this course by coming ashore at a suitable location and you might take pictures one more beautiful than the other.

Extraordinary calmness of the shores of the Leleg Route, which is one of the most important routes with its historical heritage, would be one of the options for a unique holiday experience. Its length, 180 kilometers, might be the reason for that. Even though large portions of the road have been secured via markings and directions, there are lots of sections left untouched for allowing nature to take its course. Along with structures that belong to Leleg Civilization there are lots of points such as Termera, Telmissos, and Gebe Church on the Route.

It is going to be really easy for you to see these locations by renting a yacht in the blue voyage to be organized in Bodrum Peninsula. Also, after you complete the route and reach that magnificent scenery you are going to see the complete Bodrum Peninsula.

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Gulet Reis
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